Presidential hopeful Pezeshkian: Iran can overcome problems if Iranians help run country

Iran’s only reformist presidential hopeful Massoud Pezeshkian says the piles of problems in the country can be solved in case people contribute to running the country’s affairs.

In a campaign outside the capital Tehran on Sunday evening, Pezeshkian said mismanagement and embezzlement in the country have shattered people’s confidence in the government and have caused voter apathy.

He said, “Significant amount of money is lost in the country, amounting to 70,000 billion tomans, but it is not clear where it goes, while our people have to forage for a piece of bread in the dumpsters to make ends meet.”

On the international front, Pezeshkain distanced himself from the confrontational policy, saying, “We should not fight and argue with the world, but rather we should provide a basis to easily trade with the world and draw in investment.”

Pezeshkian, a cardiologist and a veteran lawmaker, appealed to the eligible voters for a high turnout, promising he would create a government of technocrats and experts in case he wins.

Six candidates are running for office in the snap elections to be held on Friday. According to opinion polls, Iran’s Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf and far-right politician Saeed Jalili are Pezeshkian’s main rivals for the post.

Qalibaf campaigns on a platform of economic prosperity and welfare while Jalili, who mistrusts the West, seeks to tackle the problems by relying on the capabilities and resources at home.

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