Assailants in deadly attack on ballot box convoy in southeast Iran arrested

The gunmen who launched a bloody armed attack on a vehicle carrying a ballot box in the southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan last Saturday have been arrested, according to an official statement.

The Directorate General of Intelligence Unit in Sistan and Baluchistan announced on Saturday that the eight-member team involved in the attack that led to the death of two security forces following the first round of the snap presidential polls in Iran have been arrested.

The statement reads, “The cowardly terrorist attack on the vehicle carrying the ballot boxes of the people of Jakigur, Rask County, on the morning of June 29, led to the martyrdom and injury of several defenders of security.”

Immediately after the incident, intelligence units started an operation across the province to identify and arrest the terrorist agents, which led to the arrest of all eight operational members of the terrorist group.

Several weapons, ammunition, grenades, handheld radios, and significant amounts of explosives were also discovered in their hideout, according to the statement.

It added, “According to the reliable information, the arrested terrorists were guided from one of the neighboring countries and they were making preparations to carry out a large-scale terrorist operation in the following days.”

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