Tuesday, August 16, 2022


Iran’s President Voices Concern over Relative Rise in COVID-19 Infections

The Iranian president has expressed concern over a drop in the percentage of people who abide by health protocols amid a surge in the coronavirus outbreak.

Tehran an ‘Innovative’ City with Innovative Ideas: VP

A senior Iranian official says the idea of an “innovative city” can help tap into the existing potentialities to further boost innovative practices.

Iran in Photos: Murals of Tehran

Paintings and murals that decorate the walls of the Iranian capital are sometimes lost in the city’s hustle and bustle.

Tehran Municipality Uses Creative Way to Tell People to Wear Mask

The Municipality of Tehran's District 9 has used a creative way to remind citizens of the need to wear a mask in public places in order to contain the spread of the COVID-19.

Iran Warns COVID-19 Patients against Hiding Their Infection

The Iranian president has urged the COVID-19 task force to do something about those hiding their coronavirus infection.

Tehran Metro to Get Suicide-Prevention Glass Walls

Glass walls are to be erected at the edge of platforms in 35 subway stations across Tehran to prevent people committing suicide by jumping in front of the trains.

Winners of COVID-19 Cartoon Festival to Be Displayed at Iran’s Urban Sites

Organizers of an international cartoon festival on the battle with coronavirus have decided to display a preview of the award-winning works at the public places of various Iranian cities.

Iran Makes It Compulsory for Subway Commuters to Wear Mask

As part of the social distancing plan in Iran and the measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the government has made it mandatory for subway passengers to use face masks.

Nadushan; An Iranian City without Any COVID-19 Cases

Coronavirus is spreading in all parts of Iran's Yazd province and has even affected many of its villages. The number of people living with corona in Yazd province has exceeded 1,200, but the populous city of Nadushan has not reported any coronavirus cases so far.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Tehran in Fog

Tehran, the Iranian capital, had a pleasant atmosphere on Wednesday with a cloudy and foggy sky.

COVID-19 in Iran: Which Shops Must Close, Which Must Remain Open?

A social distancing plan to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus has gone into effect in Iran in as of Friday, forcing business owners to close or remain open during the enforcement of the plan.

Social-Distancing Plan Goes into Effect in Iran to Counter Coronavirus

Details of a national social-distancing plan to counter the coronavirus outbreak in Iran have been announced.

Tehran Introduces New Restrictions to Contain Corona Outbreak

New restrictions have been introduced by the Iranian government for Tehran province in a bid to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

Tehran Gets More Colourful for Nowruz Despite Corona Outbreak

Despite the problems caused by the Coronavirus, Tehran municipality's programs are underway as before.

Young Volunteers Disinfect Tehran at Nighttime

More than 2,000 young members of a religious circle in Tehran rush to disinfect various areas of the capital voluntarily every night.

Iran May Use Imam Khomeini Mausoleum to Keep Treat Coronavirus Patients

A senior Iranian official says Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, grandson of late Imam Khomeini and caretaker of the latter’s mausoleum, has allowed Tehran Municipality to use the shrine for housing coronavirus patients.

Big Afforestation Project Kicks Off around Tehran

President of Iran Hassan Rouhani has inaugurated a major project to establish a stand of trees covering an area of 1,290 hectares around the metropolis of Tehran.

Tehran’s Azadi Tower Lit Up in Solidarity with China

On behalf of Iranian people, the Municipality of Tehran has lit up the capital’s iconic Azadi Tower with messages of sympathy with the Chinese nation in their fight against Coronavirus.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Wall Paintings in Chabahar

Various wall paintings by the local artists of Chabahar in south-eastern Iran have given the port city an interesting, colourful look.

Schools Shut Down in Tehran over Heavy Snow

Heavy snowfall has blanketed the streets of Tehran, causing some traffic and forcing the closure of schools, authorities in the Iranian capital said.

Café Nanism; A Cozy Place in Tehran Run by Short People

Nanism is the name of a café in Tehran run by short-height people.

New Alert System Warns Tehran Citizens 20 Seconds Before Quake

Tehran, the capital and most populous city of Iran, is being equipped with an earthquake early warning system that would notify people of an imminent quake as early as 20 seconds in advance, an official has announced.

Evaz Recognized as First Child-Friendly Town of Iran

An Iranian town has been designated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a safe town for children.

Autumn Festival at National Garden of Tehran

An autumn festival is being held during the season’s last days in Tehran’s National Garden, a historical area dating back to Qajar era.

Tehran Working to End Use of Children for Scavenging

Tehran Mayor has urged all Tehran citizens to inform the municipality if they see any street children being used for scavenging.

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