Geopolitics of Iranian New Year Festival

Geopolitics of Nowruz: Saving Farsi Culture From Elimination

Attempts to have the language of Farsi eliminated will lead to exclusion of an important part of culture from the history of regional countries; including the Iranian New Year festival.

Nowruz; Centuries-Old Tradition Keeping People Together

If the underlying messages of Nowruz are promoted, disputes, cruelty and insatiable greed will die down in society.
Haft-Seen - Iranian New Year

Haft-Seen: Permanent Fixture of Nowruz

A time-honored tradition associated with Nowruz [which means New Day in Farsi] is preparing Haft-Seen.
Dishes Served in Iran during Nowruz: Sabzi Polo Ba Mahi (3)

Dishes Served in Iran during Nowruz: Sabzi Polo Ba Mahi

As a common practice among the people of different cultures or the first days of New Year, Iranians serve their traditional dishes, such as Sabzi Polo, on the initial days of Nowruz.
Asafoetida: A Wonder of Traditional Medicine

Asafoetida: A Wonder of Traditional Medicine

Asafoetida is an important medicinal herb with numerous health benefits. Asafoetida has an umbel inflorescence.
Laft Village, Port of Wind-catcher in Iran's Qeshm Island

Laft Village, Port of Wind-catcher in Iran’s Qeshm Island

Laft, which is a small, beautiful village in Iran's Qeshm Island, was registered as a national site in 2006. It is know as the port of wind-catcher.
Tourian Village, Green Place in Iran's Qeshm Island

Tourian Village, Green Place in Iran’s Qeshm Island

Vegetable cultivation, sunflower farms and beautiful palm groves are among the tourist attractions of Tourian village in Iran's Qeshm Island.
Spring Cleaning in Northern Iran ahead of Nowruz

Spring Cleaning for Nowruz in Northern Iran

Based on an old tradition, Iranian people all over the country clean their houses before the beginning of spring, and the Persian New Year holidays known as Nowruz.
Mangrove "Hara" Forests of Iran's Qeshm Island

Mangrove “Hara” Forests of Iran’s Qeshm Island

The Hara Forests in Qeshm Island are an important ecological resource, as well as a main tourist attraction of southern Iran.
One of Qeshm Island's Seven Wonders - Iran

Naz Island, One of the Seven Wonders of Iran’s Qeshm Island

Naz Island is the only place tourists can wade on foot or by car one km into the Persian Gulf waters.