Monday, June 27, 2022

Khashil: A Yummy Persian Dish

Khashil is an ambrosial and very nutritious dish which could be served for breakfast or dinner, and can boost one’s physical strength.

Native to the northwestern Iranian city of Ardebil, Khashil is usually cooked on cold days with sugar, or grape syrup or honey and tastes very delicious.


Wheat bulgur: 4 soup spoons

Flour: 4 spoonfuls

Turmeric: 1 dessertspoon

Salt: A little

Water: 5-6 glasses

Sugar & cinnamon: As much as necessary

Grape syrup or honey as alternatives for sugar: As much as needed

Butter or animal oil: 50gr


Wash the wheat bulgur and soak it in 3 glasses of water with turmeric and put it on low heat to cook. Then add 25gr of butter or animal oil to the bulgur. Afterwards, solve 4 spoons of flour in 2 glasses of cold water before adding it to the coocked bulgur and mixing them together. Then add a pinch of salt and allow Khashil to be cooked through. At the end, serve the dish with a little butter of animal oil plus mixed sugar and cinnamon, or honey and grape syrup, as you wish.

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