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Khashil: A Yummy Persian Dish

Khashil is an ambrosial and very nutritious dish which could be served for breakfast or dinner, and can boost one’s physical strength.

Native to the northwestern Iranian city of Ardebil(wikipedia), Khashil is usually cooked on cold days with sugar, or grape syrup or honey and tastes very delicious.

Khashil recipe

Ingredients For Khashil

  • Wheat bulgur: 4 soup spoons
  • Flour: 4 spoonfuls
  • Turmeric: 1 dessertspoon
  • Salt: A little
  • Water: 5-6 glasses
  • Sugar & cinnamon: As much as necessary
  • Grape syrup or honey as alternatives for sugar: As much as needed
  • Butter or animal oil: 50gr

khashil ingredient

Recipe for khashil

Wash the wheat bulgur and soak it in 3 glasses of water with turmeric and put it on low heat to cook.

Then add 25gr of butter or animal oil to the bulgur.

Afterwards, solve 4 spoons of flour in 2 glasses of cold water before adding it to the coocked bulgur and mixing them together.

Then add a pinch of salt and allow Khashil to be cooked through. At the end, serve the dish with a little butter of animal oil plus mixed sugar and cinnamon, or honey and grape syrup, as you wish.

How to make khashil

key point on cooking khashil

1. Some cook Khashil with flour only and without bulgur. They sauté the flour to make the smell of rawness go away.

Then add milk and water to it plus a little turmeric so that it turns yellow.

Finally, serve it in a deep dish and have it with grape juice, honey, or sugar plus butter and cinnamon.

Iranian food Khashil

2. Khashil is a local food of people of Azarbaijan and is commonly made by residents in various parts of the region, especially during Yalda Night ceremonies.

Since Khashil contains a large amount of wheat, sugar and organic butter, it is believed that the food helps boost the body’s endurance to cold.

3. Make sure to add a liter of water when mixing the flour with the other ingredients and pour it on baked bulgur.

4. Khashil can burn on the surface of the pot really quickly; therefore, you have to stir it constantly until it is ready to serve. Also, turn the heat down so the food doesn’t burn.

Khashil: A Yummy Persian Dish

5. You can also use sesame and walnut kernels in the recipe that contains milk.

Can we just leave out the fat from Khashil or change the mixture of spices?

In some recipes, the Ardebil version of Khashil is made with flaxseeds, dates and wheat flour and the food has a dark color.

Sometimes, salt and turmeric replace the sweet ingredients, depending on the taste of each individual.

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