Iranian Singers Giving Online Concerts to Lift People’s Spirits amid Lockdown

Iranian Singers Giving Online Concerts to Lift People’s Spirits amid Lockdown

Iranian singers have started giving online concerts to entertain the people who have locked themselves up at homes amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Dozens of Iranian Inmates Escape from Prison

Dozens of inmates have broken out of a prison in western Iran, but some of them have handed themselves over to authorities after the jail break.
Minister of Foreign- Mohammad Javad Zarif

Zarif Raps US for Refusing to Grant Medical Furlough to Iranian Inmates

Iran’s foreign minister has lambasted the United States for refusing to grant medical furlough to several Iranian scientists held in US prisons without any charges despite an outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

Iran Launches Online Coronavirus Test for Non-Iranian Nationals

The Iranian government has launched an online self-assessment coronavirus test for non-Iranian nationals who are worried they may have contracted the virus.
Iran Palladium mall

COVID-19 in Iran: Which Shops Must Close, Which Must Remain Open?

A social distancing plan to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus has gone into effect in Iran in as of Friday, forcing business owners to close or remain open during the enforcement of the plan.
Iran President-Hassan Rouhani

Iran President Urges Full Implementation of Social-Distancing Plan to Counter COVID-19

The Iranian president has communicated the necessary instructions to relevant authorities in the campaign against the coronavirus outbreak.

Herd Immunity Totally Unscientific, Not Applicable in Iran: Official

The Chief of the Headquarter to Fight against Coronavirus in Tehran says the herd or mass immunisation method is very outdated, and has not been recommended in any country so far as the World Health Organisation has also rejected it.
Iran’s Top General Urges Muslim Condemnation of Trump’s Plan

IRGC’s Influence Enraging US: Iran’s Top General

A senior Iranian commander says Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has so much leverage today that it has enraged and even humiliated the United States.

Iran Condemns US Accusations against Venezuelan President

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has slammed Washington’s groundless accusations against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Iran Begins Blood Plasma Treatment for COVID-19

Masih Daneshvari Hospital in Tehran is the first medical centre in Iran to collect plasma from recovered coronavirus patients to use as a possible treatment for the disease.