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How to Celebrate Special Days during Quarantine

Forced lockdown continues, just like our life continues. Quarantine is not a reason to ignore important dates for us and be sad. You still have the right to celebrate your birthday, wedding anniversary, and any other significant date for you, as well as congratulate a loved one. We cannot go to our favorite restaurant, visit a friend or go out into the countryside with a company, but there are other ways to have fun.

Growth of Medical Tourism in Iran ‘Unprecedented’ in Recent Years

One of the goals that can motivate a tourist to travel is health, something that turns one into a health tourist. Medical Tourism refers to a type of tourism in which a tourist travels somewhere for medical purposes.

Here’s All You Need to Know about Becoming A Data Analyst

In today's times, data is the most valuable asset for any organization. The data generated in the last five years is higher than that in combined human history. Organizations across industries rely on analyzing user and industrial data to device their policies in such a situation.

Step by Step Process of Building A Preventive Maintenance Plan

If you don't pay attention to maintenance, you end up paying for downtime and financial losses. Every building and all the assets that are part of it need to be maintained regularly to prevent downtime losses. Just as assets are long-term investments, so is maintenance. 

PSP Tips for Startup Brokers

In an increasingly digital landscape, more people are spending money online than ever before. In the old day's people used to be very wary about sending small amounts of cash online, today millions of dollars are transferred every second from almost anywhere in the world. It has become the new norm.

Industrial Equipment Modifications Due to Modern Needs

In the modern world, any industry field needs to be efficient, cheap, and provide top-quality production. Thus, new advancements are implemented constantly to comply with all the market demands.

College Alternatives That Might Interest You

Most teenagers, after they graduate from high school, think that they have to go to college. Of course, most of them want higher education and a college degree, but there are also those who are either pressured by their parents or don’t know what else to do. 

Why Getting Experience at Corporate Law Firm Is Necessary for General Counsel

Big companies and organizations are always facing legal issues and spend billions of dollars a year to comply with the law. For them, the solution in the end always winds up being relying on the general counsel.

How Iran-Thailand Trade Can Affect Global Currency Markets

For Iran and Thailand, the bonds of friendship and co-operation are reported to date back as 1685. And this bilateral relationship continues today, with both nations looking to strengthen those ties today.
Top 5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Seeking Job as Technical Writer

Top 5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Seeking Job as Technical Writer

A Technical Writer is a professional who understands the core aspects of various topics. It is their job to make the topics easily interpretable to the readers. They are tech-savvy people who work to educate people through their writings.