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Latest updates about international relations between nations and governments

Iran president calls for closer ties with Turkmenistan

The Iranian president has underscored the significance of enhancing relations with Turkmenistan.

Raisi calls for enhanced trade cooperation with the Netherlands

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has called for expansion of trade and stronger cooperation in field of technologies, especially in the area of water and environment, with the Netherlands.

Iran urges UN to put spotlight on Israeli crimes

Iran's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office in Geneva has called on the UN to focus on heinous war crimes, crimes against humanity and blatant violations of human rights committed by Israel.

UAE says seeking to reduce tensions with Iran

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is taking steps to de-escalate tensions with Iran as part of a policy choice towards diplomacy and away from confrontation, a senior official in the Persian Gulf country said.

“Iran alone as world closed eyes on plight of Afghans”

An Iranian immigration official says the world has closed its eye on the realities of Afghanistan complaining that no country other than Iran is ready to admit Afghan migrants.

Iran envoy: US expanding proxy groups in Afghanistan

Iran’s special envoy for Afghanistan says the US occupiers who fled Afghanistan are trying to expand their proxy terrorist groups in the region.

Russian exporter says to continue military cooperation with Iran

Moscow will proceed military-technical cooperation with Tehran, strictly abiding by international law and the legislation of both nations, the director general of a Russian state arms exporter has announced.

Iran’s deputy FM in Europe for talks

Iran’s deputy foreign minister for political affairs has arrived in the British capital, London, as part of his European tour to sit down with high-ranking UK officials.

Iran: Unilateral sanctions block sustainable development

Iran's ambassador to the United Nations (UN) says unilateral sanctions have prevented affected countries from accessing the financial and development resources needed to achieve the goals of sustainable development.

New Iran humanitarian aid package in Afghanistan

Another Iranian humanitarian aid shipment has arrived in the Afghan capital Kabul.