Iran Plans to Produce 135 Medicines Domestically

An Iranian official has unveiled plans for the production of 135 strategic pharmaceutical products inside the country with the help of local knowledge-based companies and start-ups.

30 Countries to Attend Iran Pharmaceutical Exhibition

Some 550 pharmaceutical companies and related industries from 30 countries will take part in Iran's 5th International Pharma Exhibition, known as Iran Pharma 2019.

Iranian Researchers Develop Artificial Bladder

A group of Iranian researchers have developed an artificial bladder and conduit for the first time in the country.

Iran Produces Homegrown Vacuum Therapy Unit

A knowledge-based Iranian company has managed to prevent the deaths of 7,000 patients via vacuum therapy and is currently designing a new variant of this product.

Iran Unveils Bio-Printer Capable of Making Artificial Bones

An Iranian knowledge-based company has developed a bio-printer which is capable of 3D printing of human bone.

Irish Tour Organizers in Iran to Get Familiar with Its Tourist Attractions

An Irish team of tourism officials and tour organizers are on a tour of Iran to get more familiar with the tourism potential in the country, especially in the field of medical tourism.

Iran to Produce All Medicine It Needs in 3 Years: Minister

Iran will achieve self-sufficiency and produce all the medicine it needs in three years’ time, says Minister of Health and Medical Education Saeed Namaki.

Iran Exporting Biopharmaceuticals to Russia, Turkey, Malaysia

Iran is exporting biopharmaceuticals to several regional and overseas countries, a government official has said, unveiling plans to increase export revenue generated by the knowledge-based companies.

Iran Develops Nano Iron Supplements

An Iranian company has produced nano iron supplements which neither changes the colour of teeth, nor causes digestive problems for consumers.

Researchers Producing Human Pancreas inside Animal Body

Iranian researchers are trying to produce the human pancreas inside animals’ body first as part of a project to produce body organs.

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