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27th Shipment of COVID-19 Vaccines Arrives in Iran

The 27th consignment of coronavirus vaccines containing some 6 million doses has arrived in Iran and handed over to the health ministry.
Iran’s COVID-19 Cases Hit 600,000: Ministry

Iran reports 181 new Covid-19 fatalities

The number of fatalities from the coronavirus in Iran seems to be on a downward trend with the health ministry reporting 181 deaths on Saturday.

Vaccination Not Enough to Contain 6th Covid Surge: Iranian Official

An Iranian official says there is every possibility that a sixth surge in the coronavirus disease may hit the nation.

Sixth Peak in COVID-19 Lurking ahead for Iranians

A sixth wave of the coronavirus looms large in Iran though more than 70 million doses of vaccines have been administered nationwide so far.

Iran Covid-19 daily deaths fall below 200 again

Iran’s Health Ministry has reported 197 new deaths from the coronavirus across the country.

Iran: 68 million doses of Covid vaccine so far administered

Iranian Health Minister Bahram Einollahi says 68 million doses of Covid vaccine have so far been administered to people in Iran.

Iran receives new batch of Sputnik-V vaccine

A new shipment of Russian-made vaccine Sputnik-V arrived in Tehran on Wednesday.

UN chief: COVID pushed 100mn into poverty

United Nations Secretary-General has Antonio Guterres says 100 million people have been forced into poverty since the beginning of the Covid-19. He criticized the inequality in handling the pandemic, saying this situation is "creating a breeding ground for violence and conflict."

Tehran Takes Delivery of New 6mn-Dose Covid Vaccine Shipment

The 25th shipment of coronavirus vaccines imported by Iran’s Red Crescent Society has been delivered to the health ministry.

Official: Iran soon to stop Covid vaccine imports

The head of Iran’s Food and Drug Organization says in less than two weeks, the country will no longer need Covid vaccine imports.