Iran to Provide Neighbours with Lab Services

Iran’s neighbouring countries have turned into the new customers of the country’s laboratory services and the Islamic Republic is to facilitate the transfer of domestic laboratory services to these states.

Iran Denies Its UN Envoy Target of Biological Assassination

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has rejected speculations on the biological assassination of the country’s envoy to the United Nations Majid Takht-Ravanchi, who is currently hospitalized in the US for cancer.

Tehran to Host Regional Meeting of WHO Ministers

Health ministers and high-level representatives of the 22 countries and territories of the World Health Organization’s Eastern Mediterranean Region are to convene in Tehran on October 14-17.

Herbal Medicine vs. Chemical Drug; Which One’s Better?

The use of herbal products and its tremendous effects on human health has been proven. Today, these products which are produced based on modern pharmaceutical knowledge and traditional medicine have a very big effect.

High Blood Pressure; A Dangerous Silent Killer

The dangerous thing about hypertension or high blood pressure is that nearly 50% of people with the disease are unaware of their illness, so they do not take action to control the disease. This is why the disease is called the silent killer.

Migraine Call Centre in Iran Monitoring Patients 24/7

A call centre opened by an Iranian company monitors all the patients who have bought the “Migraine Cut” spray, a new medicine that can treat migraine headaches.

Iran Plans to Produce 135 Medicines Domestically

An Iranian official has unveiled plans for the production of 135 strategic pharmaceutical products inside the country with the help of local knowledge-based companies and start-ups.

30 Countries to Attend Iran Pharmaceutical Exhibition

Some 550 pharmaceutical companies and related industries from 30 countries will take part in Iran's 5th International Pharma Exhibition, known as Iran Pharma 2019.

Iranian Researchers Develop Artificial Bladder

A group of Iranian researchers have developed an artificial bladder and conduit for the first time in the country.

Iran Produces Homegrown Vacuum Therapy Unit

A knowledge-based Iranian company has managed to prevent the deaths of 7,000 patients via vacuum therapy and is currently designing a new variant of this product.

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