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Zarif Urges EU to Save Iranian Kids with EB Instead of Threats

Zarif Urges EU to Save Iranian Kids with EB Instead of Threats

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has urged European countries, Sweden in particular, to allow the sale of wound dressings to Iranian kids suffering from the epidermolysis bullosa (EB) instead of making threats against Iran.
Massoumeh Ebtekar

Iranian Gov’t Not against Popular Protests: VP

A senior Iranian official says the government is not opposed to free flow of information in society, and is resolved to pave the way for people to express their criticisms.
Iran Vows Appropriate Response to US Interception of Mahan Air Flight

Iran Rejects Invalid Rights Resolution by UNGA Committee

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman says the human rights resolution adopted by the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly against the Islamic Republic of Iran reflects the hypocrisy of those behind it and therefore lacks legitimacy and credibility.

UN Urges US to Comply with ICJ Ruling on Iran Sanctions

The Deputy Spokesman for UN Secretary-General, Farhan Haq, in response to the death of 15 Iranian children with EB disease, called on the United States to comply with the decision of the International Court of Justice and allow vital medicines into Iran.

Iranian EB Patients Losing Their Lives over US Sanctions: NGO

Iranian children suffering from a rare skin condition known as EB are losing their lives as US economic sanctions hamper the flow of vital medical products, an NGO says.

Iranian Scientist’s Family Urge His Release from US Prison

One year after the arrest and imprisonment of the Iranian stem cell scientist Dr. Masoud Soleimani by the United States government, his family has released a statement calling on all scholars across the world to condemn this move and the inhuman policies of the US government so as to avoid recurrence of such cases.

US Food, Medicine Sanctions Crime against Humanity: Iran

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has censured the US cruel sanctions against the Iranian nation saying that food and medicines embargo is another facet of this anti-human crime.

Zarif Raps US Sanctions on Central Bank as War Crime

Iran’s foreign minister has dismissed the recent sanctions on the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) as a war crime and instance of economic terrorism.

Iran Releases Two Australians, Will Free Russian Journo Soon

Iran has released British-Australian woman Jolie King and her Australian boyfriend, Mark Firkin, after dropping all charges against them, Canberra confirmed Saturday.

US Will Deprive Iranians of Water and Oxygen If It Can: DM

Iran’s defence minister says the US would even deprive Iranian people of access to water and oxygen in order to advance its so-called ‘maximum pressure’ policy against the Islamic Republic.