Thursday, April 18, 2024

Study: Gaza war showed Israel has to pay double price for any future adventurism

A research by Iranian parliamentarians underscores the Palestinian resistance movement’s firm military response to Tel Aviv’s latest onslaught on Gaza, saying the regime found out during the flare-up that it will have to pay “a double price” for any act of adventurism in the future.

The Iranian Parliament’s Research Center released a report titled ‘The Zionist Regime’s New Crimes Against Gaza: Reasons and Repercussions’ on Thursday, offering an analysis of the three-day war that Israel waged on the coastal enclave last week.

The new episode of Israeli violence began last Friday, when Israel launched what it described as a “pre-emptive” attack against Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement, the second-largest resistance group in Gaza.

Two of its commanders were assassinated in the war, which left 48 Palestinian civilians, including 16 minors, dead and injured over 300 others.

In turn, Palestinian resistance fighters fired hundreds of rockets and missiles into the Israeli-occupied territories, sending off sirens there and forcing panic-stricken settlers into shelters.

The report said the confrontation put on display the missile might of Gaza-based resistance groups and also the declining deterrence capabilities of Israel’s so-called Iron Dome missile system.

“The firing of over 700 missiles into the territories occupied by the Zionists proved that from now on, any adventurism by the regime will make it pay double prices,” it said.

The study described the Israeli war as “pre-mediated” military campaign aimed at giving legitimacy to the regime in the eyes of the Israeli settlers ahead of the upcoming elections in the occupied territories.

The onslaught was an attempt to create a rift among Palestinian resistance group, but it backfired, it said.

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