Friday, March 1, 2024

Tehran slams France for double standards on riots and unrest in Iran

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman has criticized France for comments by its officials and double standards on the recent riots and unrest in the country.

Nasser Kanaani says rioting is being categorized into good and bad behavior based on whether it is taking place in Iran or in Europe.

“It means if it takes place in Iran is it good and there should be no action by Iranian officials and those in charge of security and law enforcement. But if it occurs in Europe, it is bad and security officials of these countries are entitled to counter the rioting,” he said in his weekly presser on Monday.

“The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is responsible and attaches significance to the security of its citizens. When regional countries were subject to foreign terrorist attacks and their security was shattered and hundreds of thousands of their citizens fell victim to insecurity and instability, Iran served as an anchor of stability.”

Kanaani branded the countries that are criticizing Iran, as violators of human rights of their own citizens and the people of the region.

“Such countries are not morally qualified to preach others and meddle in the internal affairs of other countries based on human rights,” he said.

The spokesman noted that the countries that are spearheading attacks against Iran on human rights have committed numerous crimes against the nation including by imposing sanctions, even on medicines, and hosting terrorist groups.

He also said any new sanctions by the Europran Union against Iran will be irrational and unconstructive and will draw proportionate response from Iran.

He also talked about the recent sanctions against Iran by Canada, especially those against the IRGC, saying they are “worthless”, calling such measures as politicized and unconstructive.

Kan’ani also expressed optimism that Iran’s blocked assets in South Korea are released.

The spokesman then turned to the talks that have been held between Iran and Saudi Arabia, saying they would not have continued for five rounds if they were not helpful, in a reference by comments coming out of Riyadh that the negotiations have gained nothing tangible.

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