Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Iranian rapper rearrested for “spreading falsehoods”

Iranian rapper Tomaj Salehi, recently released following a Supreme Court decision to re-examine his case within the Judiciary, was rearrested on charges of spreading falsehoods and causing public unrest.

Following Tomaj Salehi’s release, he propagated unverified and conflicting statements online, judiciary officials say. Specifically, Salehi claimed to have filed a complaint against certain individuals for being “tortured”.

However, subsequent investigation into his recent court case revealed no such complaint lodged by Salehi or his legal representative against the bailiff or judges involved in the case, according to the sources.

Hojjatul-Islam wal-Muslimin Jafari, Chief Justice of Isfahan Province, addressed this matter by affirming the commitment to handling judicial cases without bias, asserting that all proceedings will strictly adhere to the rule of law. Furthermore, Jafari reiterated that every step, including the arrest, interrogation, and investigation in Tomaj Salehi’s case, adhered meticulously to legal protocols.

Salehi, a hip-hop rapper, had initially been arrested for participating in the 2022 unrest and deadly riots in Iran.

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