Iranian president’s wife writes to French first lady, asks for help to stop Gaza massacre

The Iranian president’s wife, Jamileh Alamolhoda has written a letter to French First Lady Brigitte Marie-Claude Macron to ask the French president to stop his complicity in the Gaza war and take an immediate measure to stop the bloodshed in the blockaded territory.

“Madam Macron, as a devoted and kind lady and on behalf of the women, mothers and daughters of your homeland, please ask your spouse to refrain from complicity in the killing of Palestinian children and defenseless women and to take immediate and effective measures to establish peace,” the letter reads.

French President Emmanuel Macron has been widely criticized for backing Israel in its relentless strikes on the besieged Palestinian enclave since October 7 that has so far left about 10,000 dead and thousands more injured. More than 4,000 of the dead are children, while at least 2,500 women have been killed in the carnage.

Alamolhoda also questioned the effectiveness of international rules and regulations that have failed to stop the incessant murder of Palestinian civilians.

In a part of the letter, Alamolhoda wrote, “As human beings, we have to be ashamed of what is going on in these bitter days in a tiny and beautiful part of our common planet Earth.”

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