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Iran: No Kabul-bound plane hijacked

Iran’s Aviation Organization denies reports that an Afghan airline’s passenger plane that landed in Iran on Monday, had been hijacked after takeoff from Afghanistan.

Iran Makes PCR Covid Tests Obligatory for All Inbound Travelers

The Imam Khomeini International Airport, the main entry point for foreign flights in Iran, has made PCR tests for coronavirus obligatory for every traveller entering the country, even those who have been vaccinated.

Iran’s Railway Network Registered on UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage List

Iran’s national railway network has been registered on the global cultural heritage list of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

Iran Bans Flights to 39 Countries Due to COVID-19

The Iranian Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) says there are restrictions on flights from Iran to 39 countries at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Possible Cyber-Attack Hits Iran’s Railway Network

An apparent cyberattack has delayed Iran’s train services and created an unprecedented chaos in the country’s stations.

Iran Bans Entry from 12 Countries over Delta Variant of COVID-19

Iran has banned the entry of visitors coming from twelve countries in order to prevent the spread of the Delta variant of the novel coronavirus.

Iran Says Deals with Airbus, ATR to Be Revived If Vienna Talks Bear Fruit

A spokesman for Iran's aviation organisation says the country's deals with Airbus and ATR plane manufacturers will be revived if the Vienna talks on the US return to the 2015 nuclear deal bear fruit.

Iran Bans All Flights to/from India, Pakistan to Contain COVID-19

Iran’s Civil Aviation Organisation (CAOI) has banned all flights to and from Pakistan and India over concerns about the spread of the new coronavirus strain.

‘Major Part of Equipment for Iran Tube System Produced Domestically’

A senior Iranian official says knowledge-based companies have been able to meet a major part of the equipment needed in the country’s transportation sector, especially for the underground system.

Iran Puts into Service Major Freeway Near Tehran

Iran has inaugurated a 158-kilometres-long freeway that stretches across three provinces.