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Holidaymakers flock to cities across Iran during Nowruz

With the advent of the Iranian New Year on Wednesday, holidaymakers across Iran travel to other cities to visit their families and relatives, or find a resort to chillax after a year of hard work, or just zip across the four corners of the country.

Up north with its lush green sceneries, Hamedan, Shiraz, and Isfahan with their historical monuments, Yazd with its desert and star-studded sky at night, the holy cities of Mashhad and Qom, with their mausoleums, the Azeri-speaking provinces in northwest of the country with their cuisines, and the Kurdish-speaking west with its millennia-old cultural heritage are among the long list of the spots travelers would like to go to during the 13-day holidays.

However, there are those who prefer to stay in their hometowns and enjoy visiting their extended families and relatives during Nowruz and extend felicitations.

This year, the travelers to the western and southern provinces are advised to stay away from riverbeds because of the larger than normal rainfalls, which are predicted to cause flashflood.

The holidaymakers also have to bear in mind not to disrespect the holy month of Ramadan by eating or drinking in public, as this year the fasting month coincides with the New Year.

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