Zarif-Kerry to meet in Lausanne next week

The Iranian negotiating team and US Secretary of State John Kerry are planning to resume the talks and pick up where they left off in Monteux, Switzerland last week.
Takhte Ravanchi

Nuclear talks on right track: Iranian negotiator

Tehran hopes that the other side would pave the way for the conclusion of a final nuclear deal by making tough decisions, said the deputy foreign minister.
Peter Wittig

Iran-P5+1 nuclear talks nearing end game: German envoy

Peter Wittig has expressed hope that Tehran and the six countries can reach an “unambiguous, verifiable and permanent deal”.
Fm Zarif

Republican senators’ letter nothing but propaganda ploy: Iran’s FM

Some political pressure groups are so afraid even of the prospect of an agreement that they resort to unconventional methods, unprecedented in diplomatic history, said Zarif.
Laurent Fabius

Fabius has resumed throwing a wrench in the works

Measures by Paris are more of hindrance than help; different stances by France and other members of P5+1 on nuclear talks can endanger what has been achieved so far.
Rouahni-Iran President

Strong presence in nuclear talks a national honor for Iran

President Rouhani has said that Iran's resistance against big powers could be impossible without the sacrifices the martyrs have made in the country.
Netanyahu speech congress-1

A symphony of hatred on Republican stage

What the US Congress can do to help the cause of global security rather than hosting the Netanyahu theatrics.
Hamidreza Asefi

Two things that cause a breakdown in talks

A former Foreign Ministry spokesman says parties to the nuclear talks need to appreciate realities before they can reach a final comprehensive deal.
Mansour Haghighat Pour

Netanyahu comments have no impact on nuclear talks: MP

The world is optimistic about conclusion of a nuclear deal; a more secure Iran can contribute more to development of all regional countries, said Haghighatpour.
Behrouz Kamalvandi

IAEA team planning Iran visit on Monday to discuss two remaining issues

If the IAEA specifies the location of the alleged explosions, Tehran is ready to offer the agency access to those sites, the spokesman of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran said.

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