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The latest news and views about the Iranian knowledge based companies and their achievements

Iranian Firm Develops Herbal Antibiotics for Humans, Livestock

An Iranian knowledge-based company has successfully developed herbal antibiotics, in the forms of ointments and sprays, for both humans and livestock, and is now looking forward to expand its range of products with support from the country’s Innovation and Prosperity Fund.

Iran Develops 4 Essential Cancer, Diabetes Drugs

Iran has unveiled four medicines for diabetes and cancer developed by Iranian researchers at knowledge-based companies.

Iran Opens Its First Underwater Restaurant

A group of Iranian experts have built the country's first undersea restaurant on Kish Island, which is one of the biggest of its kind in the world.

All-Iranian X-Ray Machine Developed by Researchers

A group of Iranian researchers have developed a fully-homegrown X-ray machine, and a plan is in the offing to export the product.

New Wearable Robot Can Help Disabled People Walk

A group of Iranian researchers have developed a home-grown robot that can be worn by the disabled people to help them move and walk.

Iranian Scientists Produce Livestock Embryo in Lab

A group of Iranian researchers has managed to produce livestock embryo in laboratory in order to get better results from cattle breeding and freezing them for use in the required conditions.

‘Exporting Knowledge-Based Products Very Profitable after Rial Devaluation’

Iran’s Vice-President for Science and Technology says the devaluation of Iran’s national currency against the US dollar has made it quite profitable to export goods produced by Iranian knowledge-based firms.

Iranian Firm Produces 3 High-Risk Drugs to Meet Domestic, Regional Needs

An Iranian knowledge-based company has managed to launch an industrial production line for three high-risk pharmaceutical products that would have a great impact on drug prices.

Iranian Researchers Mass Produce DNA, RNA Extraction Kits

A group of Iranian scientists has managed to produce DNA and RNA extraction kits to make the country self-sufficient in making such kits.

Stem Cell Technology in Iran Turning into New Industry: Official

Stem cell studies are going through a transitional period, turning into a new industry in Iran, said the secretary of the council for stem cell sciences and technologies.

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