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Iranian company produces fire-delayer coating for buildings

It’s now possible to protect buildings with steel structures from fire with Iranian-made products. A knowledge-based company has succeeded in producing a coating for metal buildings that delays reaching a critical temperature. Mohammad Amir Karimi, CEO of Abtik Pooshesh Aria Knowledge-based Company, said the fire-resistant coating of this company has very good physical, mechanical and chemical properties.

He said this product is non-flammable during execution and after drying and is completely free of asbestos.

Delaying the fire

Fire-resistant coating is a one-component and cement-based product that is designed to protect the building against fire of metal structures and cellulose fire and it has a low density.

This product is used to protect against inactive fire. When the steel structure reaches a temperature of 550 degrees, the structure loses its compressive and tensile strength and the building collapses. This product delays the time for the temperature of the metal structure to reach a critical degree, that is, one to four hours, which helps the firefighters in this regard.

Preventing currency outflow

The product is manufactured in large volumes. An average building may need 100 tons of these products, which was completely imported before production inside the country.

The domestic product has resulted in high currency savings. At present, 60 people work in this company directly and about 100 people indirectly.

The CEO of Abtik Pooshesh Aria Knowledge-based Company says these Iranian-made products have pushed almost all foreign companies out of the domestic market. Karimi added that the domestic product has the necessary standards and is similar in quality to foreign samples, and also has been made using the mineral grains available in Iran.

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