Saturday, April 13, 2024

Iran’s VP: Knowledge-based momentum law to cause ecosystem of innovation to boom

During a visit by Iran’s vice president for science and technology to the exhibition of Iranian-made technologies, knowledge-based and creative companies have presented their achievements.

The 2-day exhibition was inaugurated on Tuesday with the visit of Mohammad Mokhber, Iran’s First Vice President, and Sorena Sattari, Vice President for Science and Technology.
Sattari referred to the administration of President Ebrahim Raisi’s determination to support the technology and innovation ecosystem.

At the opening ceremony of the event, Sattari pointed out that the permanent exhibition of Iranian technologies is a venue used to offer products and the capabilities of knowledge-based and creative companies.

According to Sattari, the exhibition hosts a variety of products such as medical equipment, laboratory equipment, agricultural machinery, information and communication technologies, creative technologies, mechanical engineering equipment and many products and goods in various fields that are growing significantly with the influence of knowledge-based companies.

Sattari, who is also the director of the National Foundation of Elites, expressed hope that the movement that has started to support the technology and innovation ecosystem will produce good results with the serious backing of the 13th government, and “we will see a significant leap in the sphere of knowledge-based economy”.

Sattari also said the new law that was approved by parliament to support knowledge-based companies and will soon be approved by the Guardian Council, will bring positive outcomes for companies.

150 creative, knowledge-based companies are participating in the exhibition.

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