Saturday, May 18, 2024

Iranian firm produces, exports advanced wound dressings

An Iranian knowledge-based company has produced advanced wound dressing products, with structures similar to human skins.

Wound dressings are important because wounds and damaged tissues go through a relatively-complicated and time-consuming process to heal. And using low-quality products could lead to infection or scars on the skin after wounds heal.

The products manufactured by Teba Zist Polymer (Treetta) company, after eight years of research and development, use a host of technologies to ensure quick and seamless healing of wounds.

The advanced dressings are absorptive of wound exudates and are anti-microbial, quickly heal skin tissues and facilitate granulation, while reducing pain and inflation, among other things.

The company is supplying the dressings in the forms of dressing sheets as well as sprays and gels to clean wounds and prevent infection.

These are especially used for injuries such as burns, bedsores and diabetic and other chronic wounds, to reduce the healing time and the cost to patients.

Treetta is also exporting its products to a host of countries including Malaysia, Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan Republic and Oman and is securing the required licenses to also export to the European Union.

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