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The latest news and views about the Iranian knowledge based companies and their achievements

Iran Exporting Biopharmaceuticals to Russia, Turkey, Malaysia

Iran is exporting biopharmaceuticals to several regional and overseas countries, a government official has said, unveiling plans to increase export revenue generated by the knowledge-based companies.

Iran Develops Homegrown Decanter Centrifuges

A group of Iranian researchers at a knowledge-based company have developed decanter centrifuges using domestic knowhow.

Iran Now Self-Sufficient in Building Industrial Robots

An Iranian knowledge-based company active in the field of industrial automation and electronic equipment has made the country self-sufficient in the production of industrial robots.

Migraine Patients Can Receive Free Counselling Services in Iran

An Iranian pharmaceutical company has launched a telephone system to counsel migraine patients free of charge.

Iran Becomes Region’s Top Country in Biotechnology: VP

Iran’s Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari says the country has been ranked first in the region in the field of biotechnology.

11 Countries Demanding to Buy IRDS Medication from Iran

Nearly a dozen countries are demanding to purchase medication for infantile respiratory distress syndrome (IRDS) from Iran, an Iranian official says.

Iran’s Knowledge-Based Companies Withstanding US Sanctions: VP

Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari says the country’s knowledge-based companies and start-ups have already resisted the US sanctions, and his office will keep providing unwavering support for them in doing so.

Iran VP Vows to Support Pioneering Knowledge-Based Companies

Iran’s Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari says more than 360 knowledge-based companies have created job opportunities in Iran, and this year the vice presidency is pursuing more support for these businesses that are the driving force behind the country's economy.

Tehran to Host Laser, Photonics Exhibition

Start-ups, knowledge-based companies and research centres are to showcase their potentialities in the domain of laser and photonics at an upcoming exhibit in Tehran.

Newly-Developed Belt Can Resolve Digestive Issues

Iranian researchers at a knowledge-based company have managed to produce a belt for digestive problems, especially for people with diabetes and obesity.

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