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Iran’s Knowledge-Based Companies

Iranian experts manufacture heart attack rapid diagnosis kit

A team of experts at an Iranian knowledge-based firm has developed the technology to produce a rapid test kit for diagnosing heart attacks, enabling Iran to meet its own needs and also creating an opportunity for exports.

Iran Official: knowledge-based firms active in defense; private sector role significant

Iran’s vice president for science and technology says more than 700 private sector companies are now active in the field of defense in Iran and many others are ready to join in.

‘Iran defense ministry collaborating with 5k knowledge-based firms’

The Defense Ministry of Iran is working with over 5,000 domestic knowledge-based companies, Defense Minister Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani says.

Uzbekistan-Iran Science And Innovation Forum to be held in Tashkent

A high-ranking delegation of Iranian science and tech officials, accompanied by 40 knowledge-based companies, will be visiting Tashkent next week at the official invitation of Uzbekistan’s authorities as part of efforts by the two countries to take effective steps toward the development of scientific and technological cooperation.

Iran’s Raisi: Activities of knowledge-based firms must be boosted

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi has called for a focus on efforts to enhance the activities of knowledge-based companies to pave the way for more jobs and products based on science.

Iranian knowledge-based company produces medicine countering respiratory infection

A knowledge-based Iranian company has produced a new medicine that reduces respiratory infection.

Iran develops agro-drones for crop dusting

Iran has reached self-sufficiency in the production of agricultural drones. An Iranian knowledge-based company has developed the machine at a sci-tech park in the capital, Tehran.

Iran knowledge-based company makes portable ventilator, sidesteps sanctions

An Iranian knowledge-based company has produced a portable ventilator machine which does away with the need to import foreign brands at exorbitant prices.

Iran president orders facilitating export of science-based firms’ products

President Ebrahim Raisi said on Sunday that regional and other overseas countries are eager to use products of Iran's science-based companies, calling on concerned officials to arrange for the export of these items.

Tehran University launches Technology management center

The University of Tehran, in collaboration with a leading Iranian telecommunication company, has rolled out a highly specialized center for technology management and commercialization, further promoting knowledge-based companies.

Sattari in Russia to promote Iran’s knowledge-based products

Iran’s Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari is in Russia at the head of a delegation of knowledge-based companies to promote their products.

Raisi: Government determined to assist knowledge-based companies 

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi says his administration is determined to seriously support knowledge-based companies. Raisi said there is a huge potential in Iran that will make a precious asset in combination with wisdom and science and that’s why the government wants to assist the knowledge-based companies and support job creation.

Iran opens House of Innovation and Technology in Istanbul

The Iran House of Innovation and Technology in Istanbul, Istanbul IHIT has been inaugurated at the same time as the dispatch of the Iranian Technology Trade Board consisting of 50 knowledge-based companies to develop technology trade between Iran and Turkey.

Iran to open 5th (IHIT) House of Innovation & Technology in Turkey

Iran is set to open a new House of Innovation and Technology (IHIT) in the Turkish economic hub, Istanbul, in line with the agenda to promote exports of creative and knowledge-based products made in Iran.

Uzbek officials visit Iranian technology exhibition in Tehran

Sardar Omar Zaghev, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Investment and Foreign Trade of Uzbekistan, along with several other Uzbek ministers and deputy ministers, have visited the exhibition of Iranian export-and knowledge-based products, known as the i-Hit in Tehran.

Foreign investors seeking cooperation with Iran’s knowledge-based firms

Scores of investors from over a dozen countries negotiated with Iranian knowledge-based companies during the 4th Technology Investment Meeting of the D-8 Organization for Economic Cooperation on Tuesday to develop technological relations.

Iranian firm produces, exports advanced wound dressings

An Iranian knowledge-based company has produced advanced wound dressing products, with structures similar to human skins.

Iranian company produces fire-delayer coating for buildings

It’s now possible to protect buildings with steel structures from fire with Iranian-made products. A knowledge-based company has succeeded in producing a coating for metal buildings that delays reaching a critical temperature. Mohammad Amir Karimi, CEO of Abtik Pooshesh Aria Knowledge-based Company, said the fire-resistant coating of this company has very good physical, mechanical and chemical properties.

Iran produces saffron-based medicine against Alzheimer’s disease

Iran produces saffron-based medicine against Alzheimer’s disease

Iran’s VP: Knowledge-based momentum law to cause ecosystem of innovation to boom

During a visit by Iran’s vice president for science and technology to the exhibition of Iranian-made technologies, knowledge-based and creative companies have presented their achievements.

Iran knowledge-based firm builds first insulin injector pen

An Iranian knowledge-based firm has developed the first indigenously-built insulin injector pen for public use.

Iran unveils 30 new technological products

Iran has unveiled 30 domestically made technological and scientific products.

“House for Innovation and Export of Iranian-made Technology” to be launched in Istanbul

The second trade and technology conference of Iranian companies in Turkey will be held at the same time as the inauguration of the House for Innovation and Export of Iranian-made Technology in Istanbul.

Iran develops nuclear imaging machine

Iranian researchers have produced a nuclear imaging machine, putting Iran on the list of the five countries currently capable of producing the apparatus.

Iran displays products of knowledge-based firms

Iran has put on display selected products of knowledge-based companies in different fields including oil, gas, petrochemical, and mining industries as well as advanced technologies.

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