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Ex-Iran petrochemical company officials get long sentences

A court in Iran has sentenced more than a dozen former officials with Iran’s Petrochemical Commercial Company, including its managing director, to prison for the embezzlement of billions of dollars.

Arrest Warrant for Mehdi Hashemi over ‘Breaking Paroles

An arrest warrant has been issued for Mehdi Hashem, a son of the former Iranian president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, for violating his parole.

Swedes on Trial in Tehran

Two members of a Swedish international drug trafficking network are on trial in Tehran.

Offences Committed by Evin Prison Guards, Inmates: Iran Judiciary

Iran’s judiciary spokesman says some scenes of videos recently leaked from inside the Evin prison in Tehran indicate some of the officials and prisoners there committed offences.

Major Iran Sugar Company Returned to Public Sector

A court in Iran has issued a verdict, cancelling a previous agreement under which Iran’s Haft Tappeh Sugar Company would be sold to the private sector.

Iran Prisons Chief Apologizes over Misconduct at Evin

The head of Iran’s Prisons’ Organization has issued an apology over the leak of CCTV images from inside Evin Prison that purportedly show inmates being beaten. 

Those Who Left Iran Despite Travel Ban Can Return Home Without...

Iran’s Judiciary Chief Gholam-Hossein Mohseni Ejei says people who have violated their exit bans and left the country can return if they make the necessary coordination with the judicial system, and they will not face arrest.

Raisi Says Won’t Pursue Complaints Lodged by Previous Admin against Journalists

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi says he will ignore all the complaints lodged against reporters and journalists by the previous president and administration.

Legal Leniency Will Be Extended to Include Security, Media Crimes Convicts:...

The spokesman for Iran’s Judiciary says the body’s new chief has ordered officials to prepare a list of all security crimes convicts, with details on the type of their crime and their punishment.

Iran’s Judiciary Launches New Technological Systems to Facilitate People’s Access to...

Iran’s Judiciary has unveiled new achievements in technological fields to improve people’s access to justice.