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Iran displays home-made drone at Iraq defense expo

Iran has showcased its Mohajer 6 drone at a defense expo in the Iraqi capital Baghdad with military representatives of 22 countries taking part in the event.

Iran emphasizes responsible drone exports amid technological advancements

The spokesperson for the Iranian Ministry of Defense, asserted that the country's drone exports strictly adhere to international regulations.

Iran’s Army receives giant fleet of indigenous drones

The Iranian Army has taken delivery of a large number of strategic combat, reconnaissance, destruction and radar drones.

Iran unveils new aerospace, missile achievements, including hypersonic cruise missile

Iran has unveiled several new domestic achievements at an aerospace exhibition, including a hypersonic cruise missile.

Iran’s drones destroy all targets during maneuver: Spokesperson

The spokesman for the Iranian Army’s joint exercises has stated that domestically-developed kamikaze and combat drones have successfully hit all their targets during the recent massive drills in the country.

Iran says its drone kept US warship under surveillance for 24 hrs in Indian Ocean

An Iranian Army pilotless aircraft has reportedly managed to keep an American warship under surveillance for around 24 hours in the Indian Ocean.

Iran Army unveils new drone in large-scale drill

Iran’s Army has unveiled its latest achievement in the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology in a joint drone exercise on Tuesday with a wide range of pilotless military aircraft involved.

Iran army to hold drone drills

The Iranian Army is going to stage a large-scale joint military exercise involving military unmanned aircraft within days.

US sanctions entities and individuals based in Iran and three other countries over Tehran’s drone program

The US announced sanctions against an Iranian company as well as companies in China, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates for allegedly supporting Tehran’s drone program by supplying critical components.

Iran makes world’s longest-range drone 

The Iranian Army has put on display the world’s longest-range drone during a parade marking the Sacred Defense Week. 

Iran: US attempt to link drones to UNSC Resolution cynical, misleading, lacks legal basis

Iran’s permanent mission to the United Nations says the US “cynical attempt” to establish an illusory link between the alleged use of Iranian drones in the conflict in Ukraine and the UN Security Council Resolution 2231 to accuse Iran of violating this resolution is misleading and entirely unfounded.

Iran unveils advanced homemade drone, with enhanced flight range and duration

Iran has unveiled an advanced homemade drone that can fly for up to 24 hours non-stop at an altitude of 7,000 meters and has an operational radius of 2,000 kilometers.

IRGC says to boost missile, drone capabilities

A senior commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the IRGC will make every effort to enhance its missile and drone capabilities.

Iran showcases indigenous agricultural and mapping drones during Raisi’s visit to Kenya

Iran showcased two domestically-manufactured agricultural and mapping drones for possible trade and export to Kenya during an official visit by President Ebrahim Raisi to the African country.

New drones handed over to Iranian Army

Over 200 new drones, designed and equipped for different missions, have been handed over to the Islamic Republic of Iran Army.

Iran Army Ground Force equipped with e-warfare drones: Senior cmdr.

A senior military commander says the Iranian Army’s Ground Force has, for the first time, been equipped with drones featuring electronic warfare systems.

IRGC says successfully tested new homemade suicide drone

An Iranian military official announced that the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Ground Force has successfully tested a new suicide drone that can hit targets within a range of 450 kilometers.

First satellite images of IRGC’s largest drone released

An Iranian news website has published the first satellite images of Iran's Islamic Revolution Gaurd Coprs (IRGC)’s largest drone, dubbed “Shahed 149”.

Iranian drone stuns US troops in Syria

An Iranian military advisor in Syria has said the Iranian drone that was shot down by US forces over Syria on Tuesday achieved all its goals.

US lawmakers call on Biden to target Iran’s drone program

A bipartisan group of 60 US lawmakers have urged the administration of President Joe Biden to target Iran's drone program, claiming it has “far-reaching implications” for American interests in the region and beyond.

Top commander: Iranian drones can counter enemies’ threats

The commander of the Iranian Army's Ground Force has stated that the military unit is in the "most appropriate" situation to carry out drone operations and is capable of countering any kind of threat.

US looks at ways to target Iranian drone production: White House

The United States is looking at ways to target Iranian drone production through sanctions and export controls, and is talking to private companies whose parts have been used in production, the White House has announced.

Iran’s top general warns country will give firm response to any aggression

The chairman of Iran’s Joint Chiefs of Staff says the Islamic Republic has joined the club of the world’s drone powers.

Military chief: Iran has 39 years of experience in designing, building drones

Iran’s top military commander highlights the country’s efforts to achieve self-sufficiency in the defense sector, saying the Islamic Republic has 39 years of experience in designing and manufacturing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

IRGC commander: Iran among missile, drone powers in world

Commander of the Aerospace Force of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh says Iran stands among the world's top countries manufacturing drones and missiles.

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