Friday, April 12, 2024

Iran emphasizes responsible drone exports amid technological advancements

The spokesperson for the Iranian Ministry of Defense, asserted that the country's drone exports strictly adhere to international regulations.

Reza Talaee Nik clarified that Iran’s defense items are specifically directed to countries that refrain from involvement in what he terms “criminal wars.”

Highlighting advancements in drone technology, Talaee Nik mentioned ongoing development and design efforts, with certain unveilings delayed for strategic reasons.

Notably, Iran has achieved significant progress in integrating missile and defense systems with drones, though details remain classified.

Discussing missile capabilities, Talaee Nik emphasized the proportional range to potential threats.

While a 2000 km range has been officially defined for Iran-made missiles, he hinted at the technical capacity for further extension.

The spokesperson’s remarks underscore Iran’s commitment to responsible defense exports and technological prowess in the evolving landscape of military capabilities.

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