Iran’s drones destroy all targets during maneuver: Spokesperson

The spokesman for the Iranian Army’s joint exercises has stated that domestically-developed kamikaze and combat drones have successfully hit all their targets during the recent massive drills in the country.

Brigadier General Alireza Sheikh said on Wednesday that the anti-radar unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Omid detected its target in the drill that is being held in seven border provinces by four divisions of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army.

Also, the Arash zamikaze drone successfully annihilated land and sea targets, he added.

Sheikh described the use of smart bombs as one of the main features of the exercise.

“During the drill, kamikaze and combat drone systems were able to hit all predicted targets in a pinpointed manner using smart ammunition,” he stated.

Among other tasks were “implementing a pre-planned flight scenario, striking specified targets …, using bombs and missiles installed on drones, signal gathering and using optical payloads.”

The drill saw the mass flight of UAVs from various ground, underground and sea bases to carry out operations which were unprecedented in scope.

“The ability of mass flights using artificial intelligence is one of the innovative measures in the Islamic Republic of Iran Army’s operation of drones,” he said.

Meanwhile, in an aerial battle, a drone targeted another with a missile and destroyed it, head of Air Defense Force Brig. Gen. Alireza Sabahifard said.

“Only one or two countries have the ability to carry out this very complex and advanced operation, which of course they have not displayed yet.”

“However, we in the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran showcased this ability to the world and announced that we were able to do it at the height of the cruel and unmanly sanctions against the Islamic nation of Iran,” he continued.

“This great and extraordinary feat from the scientific, technical and operational point of view is the result of a one-year effort of my dear comrades in the powerful Air Defense Force of the Army and the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics. I congratulate the honorable people of Islamic Iran on this achievement,” he added.

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