Researchers Develop Nano-Paste to Stop Bleeding

Researchers Develop Nano-Paste to Stop Bleeding

A knowledge-based company in Iran has produced a blood-stopping paste using nanotechnology.
Iranian Knowledge-Based Firms Combatting Sanctions Minister

Iranian Knowledge-Based Firms Combatting Sanctions: Minister

Iranian Minister of Science Mansour Gholami says the country’s knowledge-based enterprises have been actively engaged in the fight against foreign sanctions by producing a range of homegrown products.

Mahathir Mohamad Praises Iran’s Technological Progress

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has hailed Iran’s progress in science and technology, saying Tehran’s “amazing” advancement under the US sanctions makes him happy.
Iran Azerbaijan Flags

Iran Sets Up Permanent Pavilion in Azerbaijan to Promote Knowledge-Based Products

The first permanent Iranian pavilion has opened in the Republic of Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku, under the auspices of Iran’s Vice Presidency for Science and Technology.

Iran FM Visits Iranian Innovation Factory

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has paid a visit to Azadi Innovation Factory, one of the largest centres for start-ups in the Middle East.

Iranian Firm Combines Art with Science to Make Gorgeous Windows

Researchers at a knowledge-based company in Iran’s Isfahan province have managed to acquire the knowhow of producing double-glazed windows which are a combination of art and science.

Iran to Showcase Marine Industries Achievements at Dutch Exhibit

Iran will display its marine industry accomplishments at an exhibition in the Netherlands.

Newly-Developed Smart Mirrors Can Replace Secretaries

Iranian researchers have designed and produced smart mirrors which can be used by company managers as a replacement for secretaries.

Iranian, Azeri Knowledge-Based Firms Clinch Cooperation Deals

Knowledge-based companies of Iran and the Azerbaijan Republic have signed several cooperation agreements.

Iran Produces Digital Embryo Detector  

A group of researchers have, for the first time in Iran, developed a digital embryo detector that can record sounds, show coloured images and the pulse rate.

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