Monday, June 24, 2024

Iran’s scientists manufacture Boeing aircraft jet engine blades

An Iranian knowledge-based company's scientists have manufactured jet engine blades for Boeing MD aircraft and installed them on these planes, reviving more than 28 of these aircraft that had been grounded due to US sanctions.

As a result, the number of operational Boeing MD aircraft in Iran has increased to 40.

Mani Rezvani, a manager at the knowledge-based Iranian Company, specializing in the manufacture of engines and aviation equipment, told Tasnim News Agency that the very high price of these complex and sensitive aircraft engine parts had posed significant challenges for Iranian airlines in procuring them.

Rezvani added the Boeing MD aircraft is the backbone of Iran’s air transport fleet, which had become inoperative due to US sanctions. However, the MAPNA Aviation Center, through reverse engineering, has started manufacturing the engine blades for these planes.

He added these blades are currently undergoing the necessary tests to obtain certification from the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization, after which mass production of this product will commence.

The manager of this knowledge-based Iranian company stated in the current Iranian month of Khordad (June), the first passenger aircraft engine of the Boeing MD (JT8D 219 engine) will be started using blades manufactured in Iran.

Rezvani said the cost of producing these aircraft engine parts domestically in Iran will be between 7,000 to 8,000 dollars, whereas the price of the foreign-made parts is 22,000 dollars.

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