Saturday, May 25, 2024

Iran conducts first non-invasive treatment of skin cancer with radioactive Rhenium particles

A research team in the southern Iranian city of Bushehr has carried out non-invasive treatment of skin cancer with radioactive Rhenium particles for the first time in the country.

Professor Majid Assadi, the head of the Persian Gulf Nuclear Medicine Research Center of Bushehr University of Medical Sciences told reporters on Wednesday that the new method of treatment has a 95 percent rate of success for patients with non-melanoma skin cancer.

He said the treatment process got underway last year with the cooperation of dermatologists at the Bushehr Nuclear Medicine Research Center for patients with basal cell carcinoma, using radiopharmaceuticals provided by the Pars Isotope Company.

Professor Assadi said the new method can be helpful for patients that cannot undergo invasive surgery, including those who have tumors in the face, or older patients who have underlying medical conditions.

Professor Assadi explained, “The treatment known as Rhenium-SCT is often a one-session process in which doctors apply a pasty substance to the skin lesion from a few minutes to up to three hours, and then it is removed.”

“The person will receive no radiation after that and this short period is enough for the cancer cells to disappear,” he noted.

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