Saturday, May 18, 2024

Mazandaran regional water co. completes largest solar power plant in northern Iran

The Mazandaran Regional Water Company has completed the installation of a solar power plant on the roofs of its office complex buildings in northern Iran, providing a sustainable energy source for the company.

The project, the largest in northern Iran, is in line with the Iranian government’s green management initiatives and expected to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and operational costs significantly.

The solar power plant covers 702 square meters and boasts a production capacity of 160 kilowatts.

The annual energy output of the plant is projected to reach 215-megawatt hours, contributing substantially to the 300- megawatt hours of annual electricity consumed by the office complex.

The project, which cost approximately 80 billion Rials, was implemented in just four months. The new solar power plant will help reduce the potential for power outages during peak summer demand and will prevent the emission of 101 kilograms of CO2 annually.

In addition to the solar power plant, Mazandaran Regional Water Company is also focusing on hydropower development.

Last year, investors were attracted to construct seven hydroelectric power plants with a total capacity of 33.25 megawatts, and 13 other potential sites have been identified for future development.

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