Friday, August 19, 2022


Telecommunications tower project in Iran shelved to save birds’ nest

In an inspirational move, technical experts at a telecommunications company in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad who were about to launch a project, decided to call it off after they realized that a bird and four of its hatchlings were living atop the radio mast that was part of the project.

Iranian public urged to save water amid acute scarcity

Iranian officials have been raising awareness among the public over acute water shortages gripping the capital, Tehran, and the broader country, urging people to adopt conservation methods to protect the country’s scarce water resources.

Iran to discuss sandstorms with regional countries

Iran says it will hold talks with its neighboring countries to find a solution for the dust storms that have been plaguing the region.

Iran says consulting with Saudi Arabia over air pollution

Saudi Arabia is the main origin of dust particles, the head of the Iranian Department of Environment said. The official added that Tehran is consulting with Saudis to jointly tackle the air pollution from dust particles.

Iran urges regional countries to heed responsibilities on dust storms

Referring to dust storms in Iranian and Iraqi cities, President Ebrahim Raisi said on Sunday that the campaign against dust pollution is a public demand today and the entire regional countries are expected to heed their responsibilities in this regard.

Two Iranian forest rangers killed in clash with poachers

Two wildlife rangers lost their lives and another was wounded after they got into a conflict to ward off illegal hunters in southwestern Iranian Fars Province, an official said on Saturday.

Iranian urges UN involvement, regional fund to tackle dust storms,

Iran has called for the formation of a regional fund to counter dust storms that have affected several countries in the region.

Iran foreign ministry, environment department tasked with tackling pollution

The Iranian president says immediate measures are needed to come up with a solution to the deteriorating air pollution caused by the recent wave of sandstorm that has swept across almost the entire country.

Air pollution again forces closure of state offices, schools in Tehran, Alborz

Tehran’s emergency committee has declared Wednesday a holiday in the Iranian capital due to the continuation of air pollution in the city.

World’s most water-rich aqueduct dries up in Iran

The Ghanbarabad Aqueduct in the Iranian city of Bam has dried up as a result of the construction operation at a park there.

Thick layers of duct make Tehran air quality unsafe for sensitive groups

Tehran Air Quality Company says the Iranian capital city is once again unhealthy for sensitive groups to breathe in due to the thick layers of dust and other particles.

Official: Recent dust storm originated in Iraq, southern Turkey

Iran's Natural Resources and Watershed Management Organization vehemently rejects Turkey’s claim that part of Iran's dust storms originated in sub-Saharan Africa.

Air pollution closes schools in Iran’s Tehran Province

All schools were declared closed in the Iranian province of Tehran, where the capital city is located, for Wednesday due to higher-than-normal pollution levels.

Official: Turkey dam construction cause of ME’s unprecedented dust storms

Tehran Air Quality Control Company says the poor air quality in the Iranian capital is due an exceptional dust storm, caused by Turkey’s dam construction, that has overwhelmed the Middle East over the past days.

Tehran air quality once again in the unhealthy zone

Tehran’s Air Quality Control Company says the Iranian capitals’ air quality index is now at 220 , which is in the very unhealthy zone.

Iran, Armenia agree to discharge pollution from the Aras River

Iran and Armenia have agreed to discharge pollution from the Aras River. The agreement was made during an official meeting between Iran’s Minister of Energy Ali Akbar Mehrabian and Armenia’s Minister of Environment Hacop Simidian in Tehran on Wednesday.

Iran FM: Turkey’s dam construction activities unacceptable

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian says Iran considers “unacceptable” Turkey’s moves in the area of dam construction, which have created problems for the people of Iran and beyond in the region.

Tehran’s 18th International Exhibition of Flowers and Plants

The 18th International Exhibition of Flowers and Plants, Park Equipment and Related Industries is under way in Tehran's Goftegou Park.

Iran’s prosecutor general urges ministry to establish Aras River water share

Iran’s Prosecutor General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri has issued a directive to the Ministry of Energy to work to establish Iran’s water share from Aras River given the recent surge in dust storms in the country’s western and southern regions.

“41k Iranians die of air pollution each year”

An official at Iran’s Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences says 41,000 Iranian die annually from air pollution.

Tehran air quality once more unhealthy

The air quality in the Iranian capital Tehran is once more in the unhealthy range for all age groups with the Air Quality Index reading 196. That’s bordering on the very unhealthy level.

Iran says determining water shares to help end dust storms in south Afghanistan

An Iranian official says Afghanistan should work with Iran to determine water shares from Helmand River to help end the dust storms that plague southern Afghanistan.

Iranian official: Lake Urmia further shrinks

The CEO of Iran’s East Azerbaijan Province water utility says the water volume of Lake Urmia is 3.14 billion cubic meters, which is down over 2 billion cubic meters compared to the same time last year.

Iran ambassador rejects accusations of “water war” against Iraq

Iran’s ambassador to Iraq has dismissed accusations that Iran is to blame for lower water-levels in common rivers with Iraq.

Migratory birds market permanently closed in northern Iran

The Iranian parliament’s environment commission says the wild birds market of the northern city of Fereydunkenar has been permanently closed upon an order from the judiciary.

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