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US Likely to Change Stance on Iran, Lift Sanctions: Analyst

An international relations expert says observers believe the US is highly likely to change tack in dealing with Iran, echoing remarks by Iranian Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei, who said recently that Washington would soon lift sanctions against Iran.
US Lying that No Restrictions Put on Food, Drug Import: Iran

Trump Administration’s Actions Disgraced US Worldwide: Iran

The Iranian vice president says the United States lost all grace across the world as a result of actions by its former President Donald Trump.
Iran Vows to Respond If US Makes Any New Strategic Mistake

Iran’s Gov’t Spokesman Predicts US Sanctions Will Be Lifted Soon

The Iranian government spokesman says the country forecasts "with certainty" that sanctions imposed by Washington against Iran will soon be removed.

Biden’s Signature Invalid If Removal of US Sanctions Not Verified: Iran

A top Iranian diplomat says any signature to return the US to the 2015 nuclear deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), will be invalid without verification.

Biden Admin Keeping Pressure on Iran despite Admitting to Its Failure: Zarif

Iran’s foreign minister says the new US administration has kept its predecessor’s “maximum pressure” policy against Iran despite its own admission that the policy has failed.

India Releases Four Iranian Prisoners

Four Iranians behind bars at Bangalore Central Prison in the Indian state of Karnataka have been set free.

Zarif Urges EU to Stop Philosophizing, Call for End to Trump’s Economic War Legacy

The Iranian foreign minister has called on the European countries to demand an end to the economic sanctions imposed on Iran by former US President Donald Trump.

Iran to Reverse Its Remedial Measures Once US Bans Lifted: Zarif

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says Tehran will immediately reverse all its remedial measures once the US administration lifts all sanctions “unconditionally and effectively”.
President: Iran Ready to Share Experience in Coronavirus Battle with Qatar

EU Must Counter US Unilateralism: Iran’s President

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the European Union, as an important player in the world arena, must play an appropriate role in countering US unilateralism.
US to Suffer Humiliating Defeat This Weekend: Rouhani

Biden Shouldn’t Be Ashamed of Returning to Law: Iran President

The Iranian president has once again asked the new United States administration to return to the law and make up for the past mistakes of the administration of former President Donald Trump.