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All News about Iranian Foreign Policy – Articles and opinions about Iran’s diplomatic relations, including those related to major supranational bodies such as the United Nations and the Non-Aligned Movement.

Trump Relegated to ‘Dustbin’, but Soleimani’s Memory ‘Shines on’: Zarif

Iran says Donald Trump, who left the White House on Wednesday, will be “relegated to the dustbin of history in disgrace” for assassinating Iranian anti-terror commander Lt. General Qassem Soleimani, while the latter’s memory will continue to “shine on”.

Ireland to Reopen Its Embassy in Iran: Foreign Minister

Ireland’s Foreign Minister Simon Coveney has informed his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif that Dublin is to reopen its embassy in Tehran.
Iran Policies to Remain Unchanged No Matter Who Becomes US President: Rouhani

US ‘Political Isolation’ Legacy of Trump: Iran President

The Iranian president says US President Donald Trump’s "dark and vicious" rule has come to an end, leaving behind a legacy of political isolation for Washington.

South Korea Seizing Iranian People’s Food, Drug Money: Zarif

In comments on Wednesday, Mohammad Javad Zarif once again criticized Seoul for seizing Iran’s assets "upon US orders". “’ We told South Korean officials that...

Iran Condemns US Blacklisting of Yemen’s Ansarullah

The spokesperson for the Iranian Foreign Ministry condemned the US’ move to designate Yemen’s Ansarullah as a foreign terrorist organization, urging the new American administration to nullify its predecessor’s act.

Biden Must Return US to Pre-Trump Era: Zarif

The Iranian foreign minister has urged the new US administration to fulfill Washington’s commitments and lift sanctions on Iran, returning to the pre-Trump era.
US Known It Can’t Trigger Snapback Mechanism: Zarif

Zarif Welcomes Qatar’s Call for Arab States’ Talks with Iran

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has welcomed his Qatari counterpart’s proposal for talks between the Persian Gulf Arab states and Iran.

Biden Has Chance to Open Up New Horizon for Ties with Iran: Spokesman

Iran’s government spokesman says the new US administration has the opportunity to create a new prospect for Washington-Tehran relations.

Iran Objects to Saudi Participation in Disarmament Conference

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations Office at Geneva denounced the “destructive” presence of Saudi Arabia as an observer in the Conference on Disarmament (CD), pointing to the kingdom’s dark record of military aggression against Yemeni civilians.
Iran Welcomes Cessation of Hostilities in Karabakh

Iran Blacklists Trump, Nine Other US Officials for ‘Acts of Terror’

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman says the country has put on its sanctions list a host of senior US officials for their role and involvement in Washington’s acts of terror against Iran and Iranian nationals and violation of their human rights.