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Iran-China 25-Year Deal Made on Equal Footing: Official

Belt and Road Initiative can help Iran blunt US sanctions

The Office for Economic Studies of the Iranian Parliament’s Research Center has issued a report examining China’s "Belt and Road Initiative" and its trade cooperation opportunities for the Islamic Republic.

Iran’s land border with Turkmenistan reopens after 20 months

An Iranian customs spokesman said the land border outside Golestan province with Turkmenistan has been reopened after 20 months.

Tangerine Harvest Season Begins in Mazandaran

Orchard owners in the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran have begun gathering their tangerine harvest.

Iran renews call on South Korea to unfreeze oil money

Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Baqeri Kani has called on Seoul to quickly and effectively unfreeze Iranian funds and resources in South Korea.

“Azerbaijan Republic frees detained Iranian truck drivers”

The Republic of Azerbaijan has reportedly released two Iranian truck drivers it detained in September, suggesting the bordering countries are trying to reduce tensions and avoid a possible conflict over critical transit routes and the Zionist regime’s presence in the region.

Renting a car in Dubai affordable, easy

Driving in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai might seem like a dream for many, but Saadatrent as an international car rental explains why you can rent luxury or economy cars in this city, so that all you dreams would come true.

Capacity of Iran’s Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant to be tripled

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raeisi says the electricity production capacity of the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant will be tripled.

Envoy: Reports about closure of Iran-Turkey border crossings baseless

Iran’s consulate general in Erzurum، Turkey has dismissed reports about the closure of Iran-Turkey border crossings and the banning of the entry of the two sides’ trucks as totally baseless.

Iran’s West Azarbaijan Province reopens all border crossings

Iran’s West Azarbaijan Province reopened all its five land border crossings on Friday after nearly two years of closure over the spread of the coronavirus.

Ali Salehabadi appointed as Iran’s new central bank chief

Ali Salehabadi has been appointed as the new governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs announced on Wednesday.