Thursday, March 23, 2023


Belarus PM says his country and Iran draw up trade cooperation document  

Belarus Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko says his country and Iran are drawing up an inclusive document of commercial and economic cooperation.

Foreign ministry: Iranian oil tanker seized by Greece, released

An Iranian-flagged oil tanker confiscated by Greece six months ago off the Greek waters, has left for its pre-designated destination, the Iranian foreign ministry announced on Wednesday.

Iran, Russia sign 4 cooperation documents

Iran and Russia have signed four cooperation documents, including a Strategic Roadmap for the Development of Bilateral Relations.

IRGC seizes tanker in Persian Gulf for smuggling fuel

The naval forces of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) have seized a foreign tanker in the Persian Gulf region for smuggling of 11 million liters of fuel.

Iranian oil minister to head to Russia following $40bn MoU for investment in Iran

Iran’s oil minister will head to Russia on Monday for the 16th joint economic commission of the two countries, with the finalization of the 40-billion-dollar memorandum of understanding in oil and gas sector topping the agenda of the visit.

Raisi: Enemies sparked unrest in Iran to sour administration’s success

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi suggests that the recent unrest in the country has been instigated by enemies to mar his administration’s success.

President Raisi: Independent nations should work together to offset sanctions

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi says sanctions can be neutralized through expansion of ties among independent nations.

Nigerian ambassador says Iran to build refinery in the African country

The Nigerian ambassador to Tehran says Iran is planned to construct a refinery in his country as part of economic agreements signed with western African nations.

Private sector official: Cost of internet filtering to businesses well over $3bn announced

The Iranian private sector’s House of Industry and Mine says the cost of over a month of strict internet filtering in Iran due to protests and riots is far higher than the nearly $3bn announced by the Iranian chamber of commerce.

President Raisi: Iran witnessing growth in exports despite sanctions, threats

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi says the Islamic Republic has recorded a significant growth in exports, including non-oil sales, despite all the economic sanctions and threats against the country.

“Small businesses on their last legs in Iran”

A member of the Iranian Association of Online Businesses has said visits to these businesses have been diminished due to the internet outage in Iran.

Iran confirms release of Iranian crew members of Venezuelan plane grounded in Argentina

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani announced the release of all the five Iranian crew members of the Venezuelan plane seized by Argentina last June.

Iran oil minister: 100k of Iranian oil refined daily at offshore Venezuelan refinery 

Iran’s Oil Minister Javad Oji says 100 thousand barrels of Iranian oil is refined at an offshore refinery belonging to Venezuela.

Iran sends 1st consignment of huge saffron shipment to Qatar 

Iran has sent the first consignment of a 200-ton saffron shipment to Qatar for processing.

Internet restrictions in Iran badly affecting economy, businesses: Poll

Opinion polls suggest restrictions on Internet access in Iran are tightening the noose on numerous businesses as well as the economy.

Report: Iran internet blackout shuts down some 300k online stores in country

The government’s decision to impose an internet blackout amid the protests and riots that have hit different cities across Iran, has reportedly shut down some 300,000 online stores.

“Livelihoods of 9 million people in peril because of internet shutdown”

The deputy head of Iran's chamber of commerce says each hour of internet outage is causing a loss of $1.5 million to the economy. Hossein Salahvarzi, in the meeting of the council of negotiations between the private sector and the government, said this has also put 9 million jobs at peril in Iran.

Iranian newspaper traces public discontent to reduced welfare

Iranian daily Donyaye Eghtesad – a newspaper focused on the market and the economy – says the country is seeing public discontent because people’s livelihoods are under pressure.

Russia plans to develop 6 oil and 2 gas fields in Iran

The Iranian deputy oil minister says Russia’s state-run oil company Gazprom is going to develop six oilfields and two gas fields in the Islamic Republic.

Daily: Internet restrictions in Iran inflict huge losses on businesses, economy

The Iranian government’s restricting Internet access in the country has drawn extensive criticism as the measure has inflicted huge losses on numerous businesses.

Iranian VP: Free trade zones with Russia can render sanctions ineffective

Iran’s First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber says US-led sanctions cannot stand in the way of trade between Iran and Russia، highlighting the role of free trade zones in bypassing the embargoes and expanding bilateral ties.

Official: Iran VP’s visit to Russia aimed at elimination of dollar from transactions

The deputy governor of Iran’s Central Bank says Iran and Russia plan to strengthen trade ties in rial and rubble during the Iranian vice president’s visit to Moscow in order to move from services to goods in bilateral economic ties and eliminate dollar in their transactions.

Iran oil minister says the country to become regional energy hub

Iranian Oil Minister Javad Oji says the transit and swap of oil and gas from Russia will make Iran the region’s energy hub, and this will flow huge amounts of foreign currency into the Islamic Republic.

Iran says new US sanctions having no impact on petrochemical industry

The secretary general of Iran’s petrochemical industry guild union says new sanctions on the country will have no impact on its activities, although the bans could be part of a propaganda campaign and psychological warfare.

Iran VP: Sanctions won’t stop Iran-Russia cooperation

Iranian First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber has said the Islamic Republic and Russia enjoy good ties that have been expanding.

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