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Iran-US Relations

Analysts: ‘No Plan B’ for Biden If nuclear deal fails

Analysts are raising the alarm over failure to revive the Iran nuclear deal, saying in that case there would be ‘no Plan B’ for US President Joe Biden.

IRGC foils U.S. attempt to confiscate Iranian tanker in Sea of Oman

Naval forces of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) have thwarted an attempt by the United States Navy to confiscate a tanker carrying Iranian crude in the Sea of Oman.

Iran: Rogue regimes at the helm in Washington, nuclear commitment a must

Iran has once again reiterated its call for the United States to give “objectives guarantees” that it will remain committed to its obligations under the 2015 Iran nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Russia: Iran demand for US nuclear guarantee “logical and justifiable”

Tehran’s demand from Washington to guarantee the nuclear deal, signed by Iran and world powers in 2015, seems to be “logical and justifiable”, a Russian top diplomat says. Iran seeks guarantees from the US that it will not abandon the landmark agreement again.

Edward Snowden posts new Farsi tweet

Former US whistleblower Edward Snowden says in a new Farsi tweet he underestimated Persian Twitter.

“Grossi Impeding Talks on Iran Nuclear Deal”

An Iranian news website has, in an opinion piece, taken issue with the approach adopted by Rafael Grossi, the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (UAEA), vis-à-vis Iran’s nuclear program.

US says prefers diplomacy in Iran nuclear case, but time limited

The US says it prefers diplomacy in dealing with the Iran nuclear case, adding time to the revival or Iran nuclear deal is limited. Tehran has stressed it's ready to restart talks to save the landmark agreement, but not under western pressure, and that talks should realize the rights of the Iranian people.

IRGC naval commander: U.S. slapped repeatedly in Persian Gulf

The commander of the Naval Force of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps says Americans were slapped six times in the Persian Gulf during confrontations with Iranian forces in the 1980s.

Blinken says time running out to revive Iran nuclear deal

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has once again warned time was running out to restore the Iran nuclear deal. Tehran has stressed it's ready to restart talks to save the landmark agreement, but not under Washington pressure.

IRGC dismisses Israeli Army chief’s threat as nonsense

The second-in-command of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps has dismissed recent threats by an Israeli Army's general against Iran.

Iran-Iraq FMs discuss money transfer, gas and electricity export

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian has sat down with his Iraqi counterpart Fuad Hussein on the sidelines of the annual session of the UN General Assembly in New York.

Russia calls on U.S. to ‘be more active’ to revive Iran nuclear deal

Russia has called on the United States to take a more active approach to help resume stalled talks aimed at reviving the Iran nuclear deal.

Iran FM: U.S. will be judged by its actions

Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian says the Islamic Republic will judge the United States by its actions not words.

Iran FM: Tehran favors talks that ensure rights and interests of Iranians

Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian on Friday outlined Tehran’s foreign policy under the new administration at a meeting with American academics and senior members of US think tanks, as part of his meetings on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York.

Iran FM: Window of opportunity over JCPOA not open forever

Iran's Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian, in a meeting with senior journalists and reporters from American and United Nations media on Friday, explained the policies of Iran's new administration with a focus on its foreign policy.

Polls show Biden facing dropping approval rating

US President Joe Biden’s approval rating after eight months in office has dipped to 44 percent, according to a new Pew Research Center poll.

Iran FM: Sanctions a terrorism tool, UNGA must stand against US unilateralism

The Iranian foreign minister, in a meeting with the president of the UN General Assembly, said sanctions have turned into a terrorism tool against nations and that the world body is expected to stand up to U.S. unilateralism and lawlessness by strengthening multilateralism.

P5 foreign ministers discuss Iran nuclear deal

The foreign ministers of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council discussed the Iran nuclear deal and the developments in Afghanistan on Wednesday.

No Talks with US on Agenda: Iran

Tehran says negotiations with US authorities are not on the agenda during the upcoming visit to the US by Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian.

Capitol police chief warns of threats ahead of pro-rioters rally

There have been unspecified “threats” tied to the upcoming rally in support of some jailed rioters”, US Capitol Police chief stated, citing calls for National Guard backup.

Ex official: Trump admin sought to mitigate US casualties in Iran missile attack

The Trump administration asked the Pentagon to delay and downplay reports of US troops' injuries in the Iranian missile attack on a military base in northern Iraq in early 2020, former defense spokeswoman Alyssa Farah revealed. The strike was carried out by Tehran in retaliation for Washington assassination of Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani.

Raisi rules out talks under pressure, calls for all sanctions lifted

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi has said Iran’s ready for talks over reviving the 2015 nuclear deal but it won’t negotiate under pressure.

Khatibzadeh: US Sanctioning Iranians on Baseless Charges

Tehran slams the US Treasury Department’s sanctioning of four Iranian nationals, saying the move has been done on groundless charges

Biden orders declassification review of 9/11 documents after families of victims tell president not to attend memorial events

President Joe Biden ordered the US Justice Department to release the remaining classified documents on the 9/11 terrorist attacks within six months, after families of victims told him he wasn’t welcome to the commemorations.

Washington imposes sanctions on four Iranians over alleged plot to kidnap US-based journalist

Washington sanctioned four Iranian intelligence officials it alleges targeted an Iranian journalist living in the US as Tehran rejected the allegations as "baseless and ridiculous".

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