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Latest news about Palestine-Iran relations – The latest news and views about bilateral relations between Iran and Palestine

Rouhani Urges Iranians to Once Again Voice Full Support for Palestinians

Rouhani Urges Iranians to Once Again Voice Full Support for Palestinians

The Iranian president has called on Iranian people from different walks of life to once again express their support in unison for the oppressed Palestinian nation on the International Quds Day.
Iran Leader Grants Clemency to Large Group of Iranian Inmates

Iran’s Leader: Abolishment of Israel Not Equal to Abolishment of Jews

Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says elimination of the Zionist regime of Israel does not translate into the abolishment of the Jewish people, but entails the eviction of aliens and thugs like Netanyahu.
Iran Not to Tolerate Israeli Oppression of Palestinians: Rouhani

Iran Not to Tolerate Israeli Oppression of Palestinians: Rouhani

President Hassan Rouhani says the people of Iran do not tolerate cruelty against the Palestinians, and that Jerusalem al-Quds would not remain under the occupation of the oppressors.
Iran Urges Int'l Support for Palestine Liberation on ‘Nakba Day'

Iran Urges Int’l Support for Palestine Liberation on ‘Nakba Day’

Iran has condemned the Israeli regime’s occupation of the Palestinian land and voiced its support for Palestinian people.
Iran Calls Off Anti-Israel Quds Day Rallies over Pandemic

Iran Calls Off Nationwide Anti-Israel ‘Quds Day’ Rallies over Pandemic

Iran says the International Quds Day rallies, annually held across the country on the last Friday of Ramadan, will only be held in 132 “white” counties and "low-risk" areas this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Iran Denies Claim that Guarantor States Deciding Syria’s Future

Iran Condemns Expansion of Israeli Settlements

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran has strongly condemned the Zionist regime’s move to expand the Israeli settlements and annex parts of the occupied West Bank.

Iran Marks Palestine Land Day, Says Resistance Only Path to Regional Peace

Iran says establishment of sustainable and fair peace in the region will be possible only through the continuation of resistance until the complete end of the occupation of Palestine.
Iran Supports One-China Policy amid Controversy over Hong Kong Security Law

Iran Condemns Israeli Attacks on Gaza, Damascus 

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi has strongly condemned the Israeli terrorist regime's attack on Gaza and its targeting of people and resistance centres in Gaza and Damascus.
Mohammad Javad Zarif

‘Deal of the Century’ to Further Unite Palestinians: Iran FM

Iran’s foreign minister says the so-called “Deal of the Century” plan can bring Palestinians closer together to press ahead with their resistance.
'Deal of Century' Will Die before Trump's Death Iran Leader

‘Deal of Century’ Will Die before Trump’s Death: Iran Leader

Leader of Iran's Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the US president's so-called 'deal of the century' will perish before Donald Trump's death.