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The latest news and views about illicit drugs and efforts to fight narcotics

“Iran deals heavy blows to drug trafficking cells”

Iran’s intelligence Ministry says its operatives have identified and dealt heavy blows to drug trafficking cells and their hideouts in the first six months of the current Persian year.

Iran urges all countries to get involved in war on drugs

Iran’s interior minister says the country should not bear the burden of combating drug-trafficking alone, urging other countries to contribute to war on drugs as well.

Iran reiterates determination to fight narcotics trafficking

Iran’s Deputy Attorney General Saeed Omrani has stressed Tehran’s resolve in the battle against drug trafficking.

ICC okays investigation into bloody Philippine ‘war on drugs’

Judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Wednesday authorized an investigation into possible crimes against humanity conducted during Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s violent “war on drugs”. They stated alleged extrajudicial killings represented a “widespread and systematic attack” against civilians.

Swedes on Trial in Tehran

Two members of a Swedish international drug trafficking network are on trial in Tehran.

World Must Share Burden of Fighting Narcotics: Iran

Kazem Gharibabadi, the Iranian ambassador to Vienna-based international organisations, says that the international community must share the burden of fighting against illicit drugs, as Iran should not sustain all the humanitarian and financial damages in the fight against drug trafficking.

Iran Urges Europe to Be More Serious in Fighting Narcotics

A senior Iranian official has called on all countries, especially those in Europe, to seriously discharge their responsibility in fighting narcotics.

Iran Torchbearer of War on Drugs: Envoy  

Iran’s ambassador to international organizations in Vienna says the country is the flag-bearer of the fight against narcotics on the world stage.

Asian Anti-Drugs Body Lauds Iran’s Fight against Narcotics

The Central Asian Regional Information and Coordination Centre for Combating Illicit Trafficking of Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances and their Precursors (CARICC) has praised Iran for its fight against illicit drugs and its heavy contribution to the capabilities of the centre.

New Technologies Can Facilitate War on Narcotics Trade: Iran VP

Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Satatri has highlighted the major role of domestic knowledge-based companies and advanced technologies in the fight on drug trafficking and in preventing, diagnosing and treating illicit drug misuse.