Iran police seize 3.5 tons of illicit drugs

3.5 tons of illicit drugs were confiscated on the South-Eastern borders of Iran, according to the Iranian border police commander.

Brigadier General Ahmad Ali Goudarzi said that during 3 operations launched at Saravan, Mirjaveh, and Chabahar counties 3.5 tons of illicit drugs were seized by the border guards.

The Iranian border guards also managed to seize a number of vehicles carrying narcotics and arrest smugglers.

Border guards stationed in the border areas of Hur al-Azim in Khuzestan and Salas-e Babajani County in Kermanshah province also seized as many as 92 rifles and pistols from two smugglers.

Saying that the search to identify and arrest the smugglers is continuing, General Goudarzi stated that Border guards have an active presence in the border areas and they will not allow anyone to disturb the order and security at the borders.

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