Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Illicit Drugs

From Addict to Cyclist; How to Ride Again after 20 Years of Struggling with Drugs

The news is filled with stories about people who have been able to overcome the battle of addiction. Though these stories are inspirational, few of them match Mohammad's story; an addict who stopped taking drugs after 20 years and became a cyclist travelling around the country.

Iran Calls for Joint Regional Campaign against Narcotics

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the Islamic Republic is prepared to help cut the financial resources of terrorism by working with regional states against illicit drug trafficking.

Iran Slams Discriminatory Approach to Aiding Fight against Illicit Drugs

Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli deplored the discriminatory approach of international organizations in providing assistance to governments fighting against illicit drugs and called on all countries to meet their responsibility in this campaign.

Iranian Military, Police Officials in Pakistan for Talks

Two senior military and police commanders of Iran have travelled to Islamabad to hold negotiations with Pakistani counterparts and officials.

7,500 Addicted Babies Born in Iran Every Year

The latest studies have revealed that 7,500 babies are being born in Iran every year with addiction to illicit drugs.

Security Forces Seize 2.9-Tonne Drug Haul in SE Iran

Iran’s intelligence forces have seized a huge drug haul in the southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan province.

Huge Supply of Drugs Seized near Iran-Turkey Border

The Iranian Customs says a large international heroin trafficking band has been smashed by Razi customs officers at the Iran-Turkey border.

Iran Raps NATO’s Irresponsibility in Fight against Narcotics

Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani says it is unacceptable to say that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) cannot cope with the growth of opium production in Afghanistan

Iran Ready to Work with Europe in Anti-Narcotics Operations

Head of Iran’s Drug Enforcement Police has called for further expansion of cooperation between Iran and the European countries in fight against drug smugglers.

Fighting Drugs Needs Int’l Cooperation, Global Consensus: Iran

An Iranian lawmaker says fighting narcotics requires regional and international cooperation as well as a global consensus.

Iran’s Police Seize 220 Kilograms of Illicit Drugs

The Iranian police forces have seized at least 220 kilograms of illicit drugs in the northern province of Khorasan Razavi.

Iran’s Police Seize Over One Tonne of Heroin

A senior police commander says his forces have discovered more than one tonne of heroin in an operation in western Tehran.

Iran’s Police Seize Pigeons Used for Carrying Drugs

Police forces of the western Iranian city of Kermanshah have seized pigeons which were used by drug dealers for carrying narcotics.

Drug Traffickers in Iran Swallow 1.8kg of Opium

The Iranian police forces have seized 1.8 kilogrammes of opium from the stomachs of three drug traffickers.

Drug-Trafficking Band Smashed in Iran’s Capital

Tehran’s police chief says his forces have disbanded an international drug-trafficking cartel in the Iranian capital.

New Drug Law to Save Lives of Many Iranians on Death Row

An Iranian lawmaker says more than 90 percent of those sentenced to death for carrying illicit drugs would have the chance to return to life if the new bill passed by the Parliament is signed into law.

Iranian Woman Fights Addiction, Poverty to Become Entrepreneur

This is the story of a woman who sells herbs to make a living; a woman named Fariba whose past is not as colourful as the herbs she sells at the store.

Iran Studying Plan to Hand Out Diluted Drugs to Addicts

Iranian legislators have passed a motion to hand out narcotics to drug addicts to help them give up their addiction.

Iran Seizes 111 Kilograms of Opium Hidden in Tyres

Iran’s security forces have seized at least 110 kilograms of opium embedded in the tyres of a truck near the northeastern city of Mashhad.

Europe Source of Dangerous Weed Smuggled into Iran

An Iranian official says a dangerous type of illicit drug is being smuggled into the country from a number of European states.

Iran Calls for Int’l Cooperation against Drug Trafficking

The speaker of Iran’s Parliament says the fight against illicit drug trafficking requires coherent and serious international efforts.

Iran’s Customs Officers Seize Big Chunk of Opium

A sugarloaf containing 2.4 kilograms of opium has been discovered by Customs officers at Imam Khomeini International Airport in the Iranian capital.

Police Seize 62kg of Opium in Northeastern Iran

Some 62 kilograms of opium have been discovered in northeastern Iran following a series of operations by the country’s anti-narcotic forces.

“Iran Successful in Seizing Contraband Goods”

A report says Iran’s Customs Office has been very successful in seizing contraband commodities and illicit drugs.

1.8 Tonnes of Illicit Drugs Seized in Southeastern Iran

Iran’s anti-narcotics police forces managed to seize about 1.8 tons of narcotics and arrest four smugglers in the southeastern province of Sistan and Balouchestan, the provincial police chief announced on Saturday.

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