Thursday, February 2, 2023

Police Seize 62kg of Opium in Northeastern Iran

Some 62 kilograms of opium have been discovered in northeastern Iran following a series of operations by the country’s anti-narcotic forces.

Two provincial teams of drug control forces have seized 62kg of opium in a residential unit and a car in Khorasan Razavi Province in northeastern Iran after armed operations.

The deputy head of Mashhad’s Islamic Revolution Prosecutor’s Office, Judge Mahdi Khodabakhshi, said while on patrol, the anti-narcotic forces of the province became suspicious of a car and ordered the driver to pull the car over.

“Upon seeing the forces, the young male driver attempted to escape. The forces began chasing him. Having learnt that the driver has ignored their warning to stop the car, they shot a few bullets in the air. At hearing the sound of the bullets the driver pulled over the car and handed himself in.”

He said after inspecting the car, the forces found 25kg of opium smartly hidden inside.

Khodabakhshi added another team of the province’s anti-drug police identified an opium distribution centre in Mashhad and, after inspecting the place, discovered 37kg of narcotics and arrested two of the city’s famous drug distributors.

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