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The latest news and views about the Iranian Armed Forces, including the country’s Army and IRGC forces.

Iran Armed Forces Fully Prepared for Any Israeli Attack: Official

The chief of staff of the Iranian president’s office has dismissed the Zionist regime’s threats against Iran as psychological warfare, but at the same time stressed that the Iranian Armed Forces are fully prepared to protect the country.

Iranian Army Ground Force to Hold Drills Along Oman Sea Coasts

The Iranian Army Ground Force has geared up to stage a military exercise along the Makran coasts of the Sea of Oman, southeast of Iran.

Range of Iranian Suicide Drones Upgraded to 4,000km: Army General

A senior Iranian Army general claims the country has managed to increase the range of its homegrown suicide drones to 4,000 kilometres.

Iran’s Army Starts First Large-Scale Drone Drills

The Iranian Army has started a joint and large-scale drone drill with its different divisions primarily in Semnan, central Iran.

IRGC Chief Visits Persian Gulf Military Base as Tensions with US...

Chief-Commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Major General Hossein Salami has paid a visit to the IRGC’s military base and facilities in Abu Musa Island as tensions with the US escalate.

Iran Hopes No Conflict Will Break Out Until Trump Leaves Offices

A senior military advisor to Iran's Leader says the Iranian Armed Forces are capable of targeting the US aircraft carrier deployed in the region, but hopes nothing will happen unti US President Donald Trump leaves office.

Iran to Unveil Locally-Produced Destroyer Soon

Iran’s defence minister says domestically developed destroyer Dena will be unveiled and handed over to the Army’s Naval Force in the near future.

Iran’s Military Might Not Negotiable: Leader’s Aide

Iran’s former defence minister and an advisor to Iran's leader says the country will not sit down for negotiations over its military capabilities.

Iran Warns Armenia, Azerbaijan Not to Open Way for Terrorists’ Presence

A senior Iranian military commander has seriously warned warring sides to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict that they should not provide for the presence of terrorists and Israelis near Iran’s borders.

Iranian Army, IRGC Start Massive Air Defence Exercises

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s Air Defense units launched a large-scale military exercise covering more than half of the country’s territories.