Saturday, September 23, 2023

World powers seeking to benefit from Iran’s defense capabilities: Chief of staff

Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri says major global military powers are seeking to gain access to advanced defense equipment manufactured by Tehran.

Major General Baqeri made the remarks in a message to Defense Minister Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani, congratulating him on Iran’s National Defense Industry Day on Monday.

Baqeri said Iran’s defense industry has made great progress in various sectors such as the ground, naval and aerial battle, aerospace, missiles, drones, cyber, and the artificial intelligence.

The world acknowledges that Iran’s great defense power in different sectors is not merely a capability acquired through reverse engineering and simulating foreign products but is obtained thanks to indigenously developed knowledge, he added.

The Iranian commander stressed the importance of boosting the country’s power in military fields and promoting the capability to manufacture systems, equipment and modern deterrent products.

In line with technological developments at an international level, the powerful Islamic Republic is seeking to conquer the peaks of progress, he said.

Baqeri added that the Iranian Armed Forces have succeeded in achieving advanced technology and systems and making progress despite all the enemies’ restrictions, sanctions and acts of sabotage.

He further assured the Iranian nation that the Armed Forces will continue to make headways and safeguard defense achievements regardless of the media and psychological warfare waged by the evil hegemonic system and Zionism.

The general warned that the Armed Forces would give a decisive response to any act of aggression, noting that such a response would make the aggressors regret their move.

Iranian military experts and engineers have in recent years made remarkable breakthroughs in manufacturing a broad range of homegrown equipment, making the armed forces self-sufficient.

Officials have repeatedly underscored that the country will not hesitate to strengthen its military capabilities, including its missile power, which are entirely meant for defense, and that Iran’s defense capabilities will be never open for negotiations.

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