Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Iran increases range of Bavar missile shield from 150km to over 300km

The commander of the Iranian Army’s air defense says its Bavar-373 missile shield’s range has been increased from 150 kilometers to above 300 kilometers.

General Amir Sabahifard said military experts of the air defense unit succeeded in doing this in cooperation with the Iranian Ministry of Defense in a matter of 16 months.

Iranian military officials say Bavar-373 rivals Russia’s S-400 missile shield. They also say Iran now has a broad range of such arms and it’s difficult to choose which weapon for use during military exercises.

Iran has beefed up its military might and deterrence in recent years amid repeated saber-rattling by its adversaries, namely the US and Israel.

The Islamic Republic says it will give a crushing response to any act of aggression against the nation, vowing to make aggressors regret their move.

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