Iran defense minister: All anti-Tehran weapons sanctions to be lifted in weeks

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Mohammad-Reza Ashtiani says all Western weapons sanctions on Iran will be lifted within weeks and the Islamic Republic is ready to expand its defense and strategic ties with all independent countries, especially with Muslim and regional nations.

Brigadier General Mohammad-Reza Ashtiani, in an article published in the Arabic-language Iranian daily Al-Vefagh on Tuesday wrote , “The defense industries of the Islamic Republic of Iran have reached a level of maturity and prosperity that can be a point of convergence and connection for defense, technical and technological ties with independent and neighboring countries.”

Days before Iran’s Defense Week, starting on September 22, the Iranian Defense Minister said the country is especially focusing on its domestic capabilities to indigenize the defense industry, while stepping up ties with friendly nations.

The top official stated one of the most important missions of the Iranian Defense Ministry is “producing power and security” through the development of the capacities and capabilities in the defense industry, and focusing on the design and production of the country’s weapons requirements.

“The Ministry of Defense designs and manufactures all kinds of equipment and weapons needed by the armed forces in the air, sea, and land fields, and all kinds of ballistic and cruise missiles, all kinds of drones, surface and subsurface vessels, cyber equipment, … by relying on local knowledge and technologies,” he noted.

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