Saturday, March 2, 2024

Solemn farewell to General Ghazanfar Azarfar, a war hero

A poignant farewell ceremony was held at the Isfahan Artillery Training Center to honor the life and legacy of General Ghazanfar Azarfar, a war hero who played a vital role as a commander during the Iran-Iraq war of 1980s.

General Azarfar peacefully passed away in Isfahan at the age of 84 on Sunday.

Among his notable achievements, as a distinguished member of the Iranian army, were General Azarfar’s leadership in operations such as Karbala 7, Wal-Fajr 2, and Wal-Fajr 4 during the imposed war.

In 1980, he sustained injuries to both legs in Marivan barracks due to a mortar shell during the conflict.

General’s Azarfar’s illustrious career included commanding positions in the 64th Urmia Division, 28th Kurdistan Infantry Division, 30th Gorgan Infantry Division, and the Western Regional Headquarters.

The farewell ceremony drew a large gathering of people and military officials, reflecting the profound respect and admiration for General Ghazanfar Azarfar.

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