Sunday, December 3, 2023

Iran top cmdr.: Referendum only solution to Palestine issue

A ranking Iranian military commander says Iran’s proposal of holding a referendum for all Palestinians to decide about their future is the only solution that can put an end to the decades-long Palestinian issue.

Chairman of Iran’s Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mohammad Bagheri made the remarks on Monday amid intensified Israeli airstrikes and bombing campaign against Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip following a surprise operation by the Hamas resistance movement inside the occupied territories on October 7, dubbed Operation Al-Aqsa Flood.

General Bagheri dismissed reports of foreign involvement in the Hamas operation and said, “The Palestinian fighters make their own weapons and design the operations on their own to fight the Zionists.”

The Iranian commander also undermined the Israeli regime’s unabated bombing of the Palestinian coastal enclave, saying it “has no military value” compared to the operation staged by the Palestinian resistance fighters, “which proved that a fake government and country cannot stand on its own, let alone support other countries.”

He warned the Israeli regime will be the loser even if it continues the bombardment for a year. “Striking hospitals and ambulances, and air strikes on homeless people and women and children, are not a sign of victory,” General Bagheri said.

The operation was the result of “the accumulation of cruelty and oppression” by the Zionists against Palestinians over many years, he clarified.

The Israeli regime has killed over 8,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children, and injured over 22,000 others during its 3-week aggression.

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