Sunday, June 23, 2024

Iran Army conducts large-scale drill to boost electronic warfare powers

A massive joint electronic warfare drill of various Iranian Army units started on Friday as domestically designed and manufactured equipment has boosted the country's prowess in electronic warfare.

Codenamed Separ-e Hafezan-e Velayat 1402 (Shield of Velayat’s Guardians 1402), the drill aims to assess the performance and effectiveness of various fixed, mobile, ground-based and airborne electronic warfare systems.

Units of the Army’s Ground Force, Air Force, Navy and Air Defense are participating in the war game that is held in the central areas of the country.

According to Friday’s statement by the Army, various tactics and operations have been successfully carried out during the drill, including identifying radio and data link communications, execution of group attack operations by micro aerial vehicles (MAVs) against defined targets, electronic operations to protect radars, and ground-based electronic operations to disrupt and deceive enemy radar systems.

Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, the Deputy Chief of Iran’s Army for Coordination, said on Saturday more than 95 percent of the war game plans have been carried out successfully.

He added that the combat scenarios and the electronic warfare operations performed in the exercise indicated the Army’s great progress in the electronic warfare technologies.

The general finally reiterated Iran’s full preparedness for defense, emphasizing that the Islamic Republic would never attack or take aggressive action against any country.

“We are trying to enhance our offense and defense capabilities and keep prepared to counter any type pf threat,” Sayyari continued, warning the enemies that any mistake will draw Iran’s decisive response.

Iran has made remarkable strides in creating a diverse range of domestic equipment thanks to the expertise and engineering skills of its experts. As a result, the armed forces are now self-sufficient in this area.

Iran’s officials have made it clear that they shall not waver in their efforts to enhance their defense capabilities, including their missile power, noting that these measures are solely intended for defense and that the country’s defense capabilities will never be up for negotiation.

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