Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Deylaman destroyer joins Iran’s Caspian fleet

The Iranian Navy’s northern fleet is equipped with the Deylaman destroyer in a ceremony on Monday attended by military top brass, including Chairman of Iran’s Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mohammad Bagheri.

Deylaman is the latest version of the Jamaran destroyer, with updated equipment to search, identify, monitor, counter and destroy any air, surface and subsurface threats.

During the ceremony, General Bagheri said the construction of the destroyer under tough circumstances, while the country is reeling from harsh Western-imposed sanctions, is a “source of pride and hope.”

“By adding this capability to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Navy in the Caspian Sea, we will have more stable security in the north of the country and increasing cooperation with other armies in the region,” he stated.

Iranian Navy Chief Rear Admiral Shahram Irani also said during the ceremony the latest high-tech achievement in the country’s defense industry was made possible through round-the-clock efforts by Iranian experts, industrialists, and knowledge-based companies.

The destroyer is tipped to ensure the safety of shipping in the Caspian Sea and enhance the training skills of the Iranian forces, Rear Admiral Irani said.

In other comments, he said the Iranian Navy has planned to hold two joint drills with other countries in the north of the Indian Ocean in the coming months.

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